The Closer Centerpin Series has already achieved Legendary Status within a year of release, but we haven’t stopped at three pioneering models. We’ve released 3 new 13’ models for top-level steelhead & trout fishing. Designed by Roger Hinchcliff from the Great Lakes, who also fishes the West Coast, this series will accomodate steelhead and salmon fisheries everywhere.

These ‘Float Rod’ sticks go above and beyond in every way. It all starts with a graphite composite blank, which features a fiberglass layer in the butt section for exceptional balance and power. The guides are over-sized recoils on the top for less icing issues, with durable and sleek ceramics on the bottom section. There are ‘float-depth’ indicators along the spine of the rod, to quickly calculate depth by hooking into the hook-keeper. The reel seat and sliding ring models are optimized for all types of reels and are perfectly positioned on the custom proprietary CFX Carbon-Weave Handles. The handle ‘warms’ to the touch and grips phenomenally, even in cold/wet weather.

the closer

We’ve reinvented how anglers think about centerpin rods. Choose from agile light action models to powerful medium-heavy’s. The concept is always the same - perfect hooksets, leader-protection and optimal mending.

“It’ll give you, the angler, true float control and powerful hooksets at longer distances.  Close the deal on Steelhead & Salmon with THE CLOSER.” Roger Hinchcliff – Primary Rod Consultant