For over 70 years the name Lamiglas has been synonymous with innovation in the fishing industry. It wasn't until recently that we dove into the style of fishing known as centerpinning, and since then we have reinvented how anglers think about centerpin rods.


"The Closer" Centerpin Series

When we first introduced "The Closer" centerpin series in early 2018, it set the centerpin world on fire, and for good reason; revolutionary tapers, design and features which equated to one of the most functional pin rods ever built. Over the past two years we have expanded the lineup, adding in lighter models like the CCP13L for Great Lakes specific fishing, and the CCP12MH for steelhead fishing in the PNW. Anglers now have 7 models of The Closer to choose from, all loaded with the best features and components available and proudly handcrafted in Woodland, Washington.


closer centerpin


Redline "CenterSpin" Series

"The Most Versatile Float Rod on the Market"

The Redline CenterSpin line up is comprised of 2-Piece Steelhead & Salmon rods that you can use with either a CenterPin reel, or a Spinning Reel.

They are highly capable of a multitude of float (bobber) fishing situations. The rods have an efficient tip that can mend lines very smoothly, they also might be the most accurate rods you'll ever cast for placing the float exactly where you need it. This gives the angler the advantage of intricate line control.

Anglers who like to float fish for steelhead, salmon or both will be surprised at how versatile these rods are, and how capably they handles fish.