Customer Service Center

Covid-19 Update: Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees. We are currently operating our customer service department with the proper safety procedures. Due to reduced staffing we are experiencing delays in response times and processing of warranty claims. Lamiglas is committed to helping you #FIshWithConfidence and getting you out fishing is our goal. We thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. 

How do I make a rod warranty claim?

If you are certain your broken rod is a manufacturing defect and your rod is under the appropriate warranty period you will need to send an email with the following information to You may also complete the Warranty Check In form, found here: Warranty Check In Form.

- Photograph of rod clearly showing model number as printed on rod label

- Photograph clearly showing the broken area(s) of the rod

- A brief description of how your rod broke

- Your mailing address and a daytime contact number

We do not offer repair or parts for rods. When we receive the above information a trained Lamiglas warranty technician will inspect the claim and will be in contact with your warranty options.

What if I accidentally broke my rod or it's out of the warranty time period?

If you broke your rod by accident, send us the same information listed above in the warranty claim section to explaining what happened or fill out the online Warranty Check In Form.

Everyone has broken a rod by accident, but Lamiglas is not going to penalize you for it. We are going to give you a great deal on a new replacement rod to get you back on the water.

Warranty Periods

Each Lamiglas rod has a specific warranty period depending on the series. Each Lamiglas rod also has a date stamp serialized on it to identify its age. If you cannot find the date stamp  a trained Lamiglas technician will be able to tell you the exact age of the rod after sending in the above information.

Limited Lifetime 

Lamiglas Closer Rods, Si, Infinity, XCC, G1000 Pro, Redline, Nightshift, Super Surf, GSB, and Tri-Flex.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Lamiglas Carbon Surf, Grander Offshore, Assassin Walleye, Black Inshore and Bluewater series.

1 Year Limited Warranty

All X-11 rods, Insane Surf, Insane Saltwater, BFC, XP Bass, Hammer Walleye and All Kokanee series rods (except for the XCC).

Normal wear and tear or misuse or mistreatment of the product are not covered in our limited warranties.