Rod Repair & Replacement

Use the form to check-in rod, then print & attach paperwork to rod and mail in a safe and secure disposable container to Lamiglas. If using Fast-Track, you may mail in just the label section of the rod (find Fast Track information here)

You can also order just a tip section to get an in-stock top section coming to you ASAP. Just send an email to for more info.

If you are unsure of what to do, or do not see your top section listed on the website – you can send in a description of your issue (include model number of rod) to

Other Options

If you feel your rod broke due to a defect in the way it was made, submit a defective rod claim through the form above. ($20 processing fee may apply on replaced defective claims.)

Need Rod Repair? Describe repair through the form for a quote.

Note : We do not repair rods other than Lamiglas. Custom builds should go back to the custom rod builder – if you need a custom rod builder email us for a recommendation.

Does My Rod Qualify for Warranty?