Sturgeon fishing is the fishery for those that want a chance to hook into a massive fish in freshwater or estuary. Range of sturgeon size is very wide, you may hook into a small "shaker,"  or a 10-foot oversize!

Because of possible sturgeon size and the fact that they can be hard-fighting fish, the rods required to catch sturgeon are often bigger-diameter, brutal sticks.If you use a rod that is too light for the occasion, it may take hours to subdue the fish. At the same time, if you use a broomstick, the fighting ability won't be as dynamic.

Below are some of the top options from Lamiglas' lineup broken down by technique. 

Boat Fishing for Sturgeon

Anchoring the boat and "chunking" bait such as sand-shrimp, shad or smelt is an effective technique for sturgeon. Rods must have lots of backbone and be able to handle heavier weight and bait combinations

Insane Saltwater Series

insane salt lis8040c lis7040c sturgeon saltwater

"Insane Salt" series rods are strong, fast action rods designed for saltwater species like tuna, stripers, halibut,  and ling-cod, but sturgeon anglers fish them for their ability to put the brakes on big sturgeon.

The ideal option for Heavy West Coast sturgeon fishing is the LIS8040C.


8' One-Piece

Line: 20-40lb

Lure: 1-5oz

This rod has the ability to cast out a heavy weight to "spread" baits out. There is enough sensitivity in the rod to feel weight hitting bottom and if a sturgeon starts to bite lightly, you can feel or "see" the bite in the tip. At the same time its got a powerful fast-action hookset ability, so when its go time...the hooks will drive home!

If you want the same capabilities in a shorter 7' rod, the LIS7040C is the perfect option. It's ideally suited for sturgeon or bottom fishing for ling-cod. It is popular as a Tuna Trolling / Live Bait Rod.

Ultra-Durable w/ a Softer Tip

The BFC70H is a very effective sturgeon rod. With a solid glass tip, it's got a soft and readable action, but this bends into impressive backbone. Still fun on most sturgeon sizes while having plenty of backbone in reserve.

bfc big fish saltwater


Bank Fishing for Sturgeon

When you are bank fishing for sturgeon, you need a rod that will cast heavy weight out into your target area. Most common are surf rods in a casting configuration. This allows casting power and backbone on big fish.

Insane Surf Series


This 11 foot 2-piece rod casts well and far. Ideal for 2-6 oz. its able to move big and big fish. Very affordable and powerful rod perfect for plunk & chunk techniques.

surf sturgeon rodYou can also get the 10-foot version, the LIS10MHC. The spinning versions, LIS11MHS & LIS10MHS are quality spinning rods for fishing sturgeon and surf situations.

XCC1265GH & XCC1267GH

The 12'6" USA-Made Certified Pro Kwik rods are powerhouse options for fishing sturgeon from shore, or to troll heavy gear for salmon. These rods have graphite/glass construction that keeps fish on but retains power. The XCC1267GH can cast 8 oz. very effectively and the capabilities of these rods are unmatched. With 12'6 of rod, just keep the pressure on and you'll have a great chance at landing the fish.

12 foot 6 salmon rod long rodFiberglass Surf Blanks

For rod builders who are looking to build extremely powerful bait-plunking rods, the fiberglass surf blanks are very popular for those who want to throw extremely heavy weights (even up to 16 oz!) 


However you choose to fish for sturgeon, you'll have a great time if you use the right equipment. Heavier braided line 50lb-80lb is usually recommended on larger reels. The line rating on these rods above is rated for monofilament so you may adjust based on line preference. Using a dacron leader helps protect the sturgeon in catch & release fisheries. 

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