The X-11 Freshwater series is built to bring top-level graphite rod performance in an affordable price-point. The blank designs are highly balanced to match with small reel configurations so that the angler can fish for days on end without fatigue. 

X-11 freshwater rods

Often, trout & crappie rods can fall victim to slow, sloppy actions, but the X-11 Freshwater is not one of those rods. The designs allow for crisp casting and hooksets, while protecting light line that they are intended for.

The X-11 Freshwater has been redesigned recently with an ergonomic cork handle with small composite cork fore grip. The guides are a zero-insert design for ultra-lightweight performance. 


LX702ULS | 7'0" 2-8lb 2-Piece

This 7' spinning rod has a moderate/fast action that is perfect for trout angling with bait or spinners. Excellent for casting out power-bait or worms with 1/4 oz of weight. Casts #0 and #1 spinners easily. It can also be used as a trolling rod, if the angler prefers a spinning reel. 

LX662LS | 6'6" 4-8lb 2-Piece

This rod can fish light leaders and is extremely fun to hook trout, crappie and perch with. It's got a faster action than most freshwater rods which makes it perfect for fishing light crappie jigs or even vertical jigging small jigs for kokanee. This rod gets great casting distance with small spinners or spoons. 

LX602LS | 6'0" 4-8lb 2-Piece

Short enough to pack easily, long enough for casting distance. The perfect crappie jig rod or bait rod. Also casts spinners and spoons for trout with ease. So balanced and lightweight that it truly will leave you begging for "One more cast!"


LX702ULC | 7'0" 2-8lb 2-Piece

kokanee trout trolling rodBlank designed specifically for kokanee & trout trolling. Can flat-line dodgers and spinners with great action, while responding perfectly to a takedown. Can troll lightweight spinners or fish bait off of the bottom for trout. 

X-11 Freshwater rods are available through our authorized retailers and online outlets. You can purchase them direct from Lamiglas here.


Limited Time Closeout Pricing

The X-11 Freshwater rods have been recently redesigned with new handles, meaning that you can purchase the original style at over 50% off of MSRP pricing.

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