Four-piece fly rods are a proven favorite of fly anglers - who seem more intent on small breakdown of their rods than their gear fishing counterparts.

The appeal of a four-piece fly rod goes beyond the need for transportability, and the ultimate test is how that four-piece fly rod fishes.

These 9 foot 4-piece rods get it done on the cast and on a fish.
fly rods lamiglas 4 piece four piece fishing rod
Fly Rod Action:

The rods are labeled a "Moderate-Fast". With a fish on, ripping line to your backing, you'll notice it bends in a continious moderate curve into a solid backbone/handle. Make no mistake though, it can quickly and efficiently put a roll cast into motion and react quickly to a strike.

The Fly Rod Weights are accurate for popular fly lines. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 weights available.
All rods are 9 foot long - 4 Piece

The 5 Weight makes trout and panfish a blast to catch, but is not completely overpowered if hooks a large trout. An excellent option for most small-freshwater species. 
The 6 Weight is a dynamic model that can switch over from the small-freshwater species but handle the opportunity of hooking into larger fish. It also can be an excellent choice for those fishing for small freshwater species but who are throwing larger flies & presentations.
The 7 Weight is the perfect lighter action salmon & steelhead model...those catching large trout and char... It's not ideal for Chinook Salmon, but Coho and steelhead can be an excellent pairings with this four-piece fly rod.
The 8 Weight - Highly Capable but with finesse. This model is ideal for salmon & steelhead, or for fishing bass and inshore species. 
The 9 Weight - A powerful & precise fly rod. Cast & present and then set the hook on big fish. Strong backbone but still a dynamic bend.

The 10 Weight - For the kings, the big inshore name it. Put a taimen on it if you like. Bigger fish and bigger presentations. 

The entire series is know for accurate and smooth casts, quick reactions and precise presentations.
lamiglas half wells ful fishing fly full rod
Half-wells handles adorn the lighter weights, with full-wells and fighting butts on the higher weight models. Cork contoured handles with gloss graphite blank finish.

The guides are lightweight and strong - these components do their work efficiently. The X-11 Fly Rod series doesn't waste on anything except what counts.

A well-designed four-piece fly rod with pleasing fish-catching feel...

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