There is always something developing in the Lamiglas blank catalog to meet with the needs of todays fishing rod builders. This year is no different.

The New X-Factor Rod Blank series is a testament to excellence in blank design, with affordable price points.

x factor fishing blanks rod

Saltwater Fishing Rod Blanks

Builders offering surf rods or saltwater/inshore designs will find that the X-Factor blank options give dependable saltwater performance, while balancing well with a reel. These saltwater blanks are a joy to fish with and could  make an excellent custom rod fleet for a Guide or Charter. 

Walleye Fishing Rod Blanks

For rod builders, expertly balanced Walleye rods with the right tip action are a must. Whether you're looking for a short jigging stick or a slightly longer rod for trolling spinner blades and worm harnesses...the X-Factor Walleye blanks bring the sensitivity, the tip action and the lightweight feel that makes walleye fishing as enjoyable as ever!

Salmon & Steelhead Rod Blanks

For Salmon & Steelhead anglers, rod blanks need to match with the wide variety of techniques that are used. The blank selections offered provide perfect starting points for float rods, drift fishing rods, bobber-doggin' rods, backbouncing & trolling rods...not to mention - there are Centerpin options! The X-Factor series brings serious salmon & steelhead blanks to the conversation, without requiring the premium price tag.

Trout & Panfish Fishing Rod Blanks

Building ultra-light fishing rods for catching trout, perch, bluegill and crappie is not only enjoyable during the build process, but can be especially fulfilling when you catch a couple fish on your ultra-light. The lightweight feel and mod/fast action makes smaller species a blast no matter the size!

X-Factor Blank Series Available Now

The X-Factor Blank series is available direct from Lamiglas.