Why do Lamiglas honey fiberglass rods & blanks continue to sell decade after decade? Simple performance is the answer. Lamiglas started in 1949 building fiberglass surf blanks, and since then, the developments in fiberglass have continued to wind up on boats and banks all over the world. 

Kokanee & Trout trolling rods are often the most 'whippy' and slow action rods in the fishing rod realm. This model is no exception:

Kokanee & Trout Fishing Should Be Fun

Smaller size fish can be just as fun as a larger species, as long as you've got the right gear to match the fish. 

Have you ever fought a hot fish on an ultra-light rod? Then you know what we're talking about.

There is no question that in a fast current and strong rip, the benefit of a heavy backbone rod is preferred. However, on a lake, pond or slow river current, anglers fishing flat-lined lures and downrigger setups can benefit from the ultra-light action of a fiberglass rod. 

kokanee trolling rod
Kokanee anglers have used 'snubbers' to offer more give to a thrashing fish, but with a rod that is ultra-light, snubbers are not necessary. Perhaps if you were fishing a medium-heavy rod, the snubber may be of use, but these rods provide all the play needed to land kokanee & trout.These FC76UL Fiberglass Kokanee Rods are an absolute joy to fight and land fish on. With the slow rod action, you can feel the fight of the fish all the way down to the classic cork handle. Takedowns utilize more than just the top section of the rod, flexing deep into the rod to allow a hot fish to thrash wildly around on the hook.

Vintage Look & Feel | FC76UL

A one-piece, honey-glass kokanee rod...what could be better?

The look of the fiberglass blank is classic old-school Lamiglas. The cork handle with proven Fuji reel seat is ultra-comfortable, and looks beautiful when paired with the glass blank. Lamiglas has plenty of modern and innovative rods, this one is based on the proven performance of it's ultra-light fiberglass design.

fuji reel seat and cork

This rod isn't for everyone, those looking for a rod that is capable of heavier baits, and big fish should look elsewhere. This rod is for anglers that love trolling for trout and kokanee, and want to have a premium USA-Made tool to do so.

The look of this rod is as classic as a vintage guitar...a pristine muscle car. It's USA, it's top of the line, and it's Lamiglas.

FC76UL Vintage Honey Fiberglass Kokanee & Trout Trolling

7'6" 1-Piece
4-8 lb.
1/16 - 1/4 oz.
Action: Slow | Power: Ultra-Light

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