One type of Lamiglas blank & built rod has earned its place in saltwater fame for years now. The legendary Tri-Flex rods.

Named for their tendency to primarily use 3 types of materials to achieve their desired action and durability, the rods are built of graphite and fiberglass. This material selection is totally necessary to achieve what we believe is the ideal inshore saltwater action.

In heavy action saltwater rods, graphite construction usually leads to a stiffer blank that doesn’t bend as parabolically as glass, fiberglass on the other hand is heavier and not as sensitive. By using both materials the Tri-Flex suits a number of techniques extremely well.

Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore

The Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore rods are very popular for Striped Bass and other inshore species due to their ability to fish live-bait, plugs and iron with ease.

Charter Captain Mike Roy fishes the Triflex series day in and day out. He weighed in on the series. He fishes both the casting and spinning models.

“Nice sensitive tip with plenty of back bone. Very strong can withstand daily abuse and high sticking without breaking. Cork grip is attractive and nice fore-grip for fighting fish.”

The World Record Striped Bass holder Greg Myerson fishes the Tri-Flex series. Here is what he mentioned about the Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Series  models that he helped design.

“I have had so many people say they loved those rods and they were the best they ever had.”


There are a few handle configurations with the TFX series to match different styles and techniques. The non-trigger cork version is most prevalent with a trigger version and graphite handles on the lighter (all-graphite) versions.

trifles graphite rods


There are a number of models in the series for all sorts of uses. The lightest 3 models are built for sensitive and responsive inshore fishing. As we move into the 7 foot cork handled models you gain access to heavy lifting power and brute strength.

The TFX7030C is a top choice for a lighter tip with good backbone. Fishes live bait and plugs with ease. It’s also now available in a spinning model (TFX7030S.)
The TFX7240C is hugely popular among Striped Bass anglers for numerous techniques. Very capable of heavier weight while still being sensitive.
Joe Diorio fishes Stripers in Rhode Island and Connecticut and had this to say about the 7240C.
“I fish the Tri-Flex (Graphite Inshore) TFX7240C convention rod. They are the absolute best rod hands down for striped bass… literally amazing backbone. its the perfect rod for 3 waying. I’ve never felt over whelmed by a bass on the TriFlex. I’ve had stripers up to 58lbs on this rod and it handled them perfectly.
Very sensitive rod as well, you can feel if your baitfish is swimming up or down which obviously is very important so you can keep your offering the strike zone.
I’ve probably caught over 5,000 bass on that rod in 2 years and it’s still as strong as the first day i used it. I absolutely love it… I need more!”

Durability Testing on the TFX7240C

Mike Roy speaks on the new spinning Tri-Flex models – TFX7020S and TFX7030S

Mike Balduzzi fishes the graphite handle TFX6615S as a light tackle alternative.
“Consider chunking for Striped Bass with light tackle rods.  Landing 30lb class fish on an 8-17lb rated rods paired with 3000 size reels, spooled with 15lb braid, tipped with 20lb fluorocarbon leader, 3/0 circle hooks and fresh Alewife is both challenging and rewarding. Lamiglas TFX inshore rods (Tri-flex Graphite Inshore) are the perfect tool for the job, offering the perfect blend of backbone and flexibility to hook and land big finicky Rockfish.  
The workhorse rod of our rig is the TFX 6615S. This rod works well for chunking, chumming, live lining, casting, jigging and topwater. It is my go to rod for Rockfish Republic client outings.”
Heavy Models

The 7640 and 7650 models are all out bruisers built to throw and drop heavy weights down to big, unforgiving fish. These rods are made for heavy mono or braid and can tangle with fish of impressive sizes.

The Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore rods meet the needs of many inshore and saltwater anglers and cover a wide span of fish sizes. Whether you’re just casting a small plastic or jigging a heavy iron, you’ll find the option that suits you within this series.
They are available through fishing retailers or online by searching “Triflex Graphite Inshore” or a specific model number. You can find these rods at impressive deals through our authorized retailers.
You can also buy from the Lamiglas website here with FREE shipping on all models.