For many, it was their first fishery they ever experienced.

For some, it's their favorite way to put food on the table.

For others, it's an absolute blast on ultra-light rods!

Perhaps you are all three? Many anglers can identify with all of these.

Panfish on Ultra-Light Rods

Panfish refers to the idea of being able to fry up a fish on a pan, but usually is in reference to these species (and a few others): Crappie, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Perch...

What these fish lack in overall size, is made up for in numbers on straight up bitey aggression!

What you don't want for panfish is a broomstick to catch them. Don't take all of the fun out of it. If you catch a panfish on a bass rod you're not going to experience the wriggly fun of these fish!

Lamiglas Infinity Ultra-Light

Match the tool to the job. For a trout or panfish angler, this tool we speak of would be a fishing rod that is able to cast light baits (let's talk as light as a 1/32 oz jig and small float, up to sinkers perhaps around 1/4, 3/8.

Matching the rod to the weight of the lures/baits is essential. You're not going to get the casting distance required with a medium-action rod. Even a light action rod (6-10lb) can limit your casting distance. 

Get down into the ultra-light range? You're in business.

If you pair the Lamiglas Infinity Ultra-Light Rod (either the 7'0 or the 7'6) with a small spinning reel and a light line (4-8lb mono or 8-12lb braid) it will be able to launch a light float/jig or bait & sinker. 

The blank patterns used are able to load when casting lighter baits, yet they are able to hookset and apply pressure to hook into the fish you're looking for.

That combination between "loading" on the cast and being fast-enough to hookset well is the balance you must have when fishing light baits for panfish.

The Infinity Ultra-light goes beyond the minimum viable product and ends up being ridiculously enjoyable to fish. Casting is a dream, hooksets are a blast and fighting small panfish is loads of fun. 

The graphite handle, Fuji guides and premium blank are a dream to trout and panfish anglers. For anyone looking to step up their ultra-light angling, the Infinity Ultra-light is well worth fishing.

X-11 Ultralight

The "working-mans" ultra-light feels more like a top-shelf ultra-light.

With multiple models in 6'0, 6'6, 7'0 and even a 7'0 casting model, this series gives the panfish angler options in choosing their favorite rod. 

The author personally believes the 6'0 rod to be one of the most enjoyable rods to fish for trout and panfish, but there is no question of the 6'6 and 7'0 rods viability. Zero-insert guides, contoured handles and optimized blank designs make for high-performance rod at an impressively affordable price tag.

With 6lb test, casting a 1/32oz crappie jig and float is a dream, yet you can also cast a 1/4 oz spoon a mile for trout.

Rod Selection

Both the Infinity Ultra-light and X-11 will satisfy the angler in performance and sensitivity. 

perch fishing lamiglas

For a faster action ultra-light, go for the X-11 LX6LS or LX66LS. The Infinity Ultralight falls into a deadly moderate/fast action range in both the IF702UL and IF762UL. For the panfish/trout trolling rod go for the LX702ULC, and the LX702ULS is an excellent bait/spinner option for casting or trolling (if you're into trolling with a spinning rod).

The choice is yours:

You're going to be satisfied with any one of these ultra-lights...they all do the job well. Every person has a favorite.

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