Salmon & Steelhead fishing rods are a prime forte of Lamiglas rod-building prowess. We've got specifically designed rods for trolling, plug fishing, float fishing, casting spinners and spoons, center-pin, drift fishing, bobber-dogging, twitching and beyond. 

Our salmon & steelhead lineups have been trusted and fished for so long, that Lamiglas is a household name where these fish are found. Our current series cover the longterm and modern techniques that anglers trust to land fish on a daily basis. We've got a history of guides that use our products due to the dependability and performance factor, but we are constantly investing in the research and development of new and improved rods for anglers.

Introducing the Redline Composite Series!

redline composite


Based off of our ever popular and proven XCC Trolling series, and combined with the look and feel of our Redline Salmon & Steelhead series, we are proud to bring to you the new Redline Composite series. These fiberglass/graphite composite rods are brought to you in actions that have been proven for decades. The HS934HC and HS1064HC will help you put more salmon in the boat whether you are trolling flashers, plug fishing, plunking or working a downrigger. The moderate action of the fiberglass in the tip will allow you to read what your gear is doing at all times, and allow the fish to take your bait without ever feeling the resistance of the rod, while the graphite in the butt section provides you with all the power you need when guiding the fish into your net.
redline composite
The smooth graphite handle and slim rubber butt cap will not only feel exceptional in your hands, but will perform great in the rod holder as well. A top quality double locking Fuji reel seat and stainless steel double foot guides round out a component set up that is unmatched at its price point. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Redline Composite Series from Lamiglas offers a top of the line trolling option at an incredible value. 
 Model Length Pieces Cast Weight Troll Weight Line Weight Action Power
HS934HC 9'3" 2 1-6 oz. 2-16 oz. 12-30 lb. Moderate Heavy
HS1064HC 10'6" 2 1-8 oz. 2-16 oz. 15-30 lb. Moderate Heavy


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