Holiday season is upon us and if you are searching for the perfect gift for the fisherman/woman you know, then look no further!

Now is the perfect time to purchase your gifts from Lamiglas, as we have recently launched a few brand new rod series and a new line of apparel as well!

holiday gift guide

 For Every Angler

Lamiglas Rod Racks - $69.99 A lightweight aluminum rod rack to easily organize and safely store up to 24 rods.

rod rack

Lamiglas Fish Bonker - $60 A popular and must have accessory for any angler who wishes to keep a fish.

fish bonker

 All New Lamiglas Apparel Line - $Varies New designs, new colors, new garments, new everything!


For The Steelhead & Salmon Angler

Redline CenterSpin Rod - $210 A recent development from Lamiglas for anglers who float fish for either Salmon OR Steelhead. This 12' float fishing rod can be used with either a Centerpin or a Spinning reel!


Infinity "Spinsation" Rod - $311.30 A premium USA Made rod designed for tossing spinners at Salmon and Steelhead. 


For The Surfcaster

Brand New Carbon Surf Rods - $199-$219 Become one of the very first people to get ahold of the new Carbon Surf rods. Thoughtfully designed 7 rod series to cover any surfcasting situation and accommodate everyones budget!

carbon surf

NightShift Surf Rods - $699 Another brand new and highly sought after surf series from Lamiglas. Co-Branded with Surfcasters Journal. One of these rods will make the surfcaster you know a very, very happy camper!


For The Inshore Boat Angler

Black Inshore Series - $119-$139 Our extremely popular and affordable inshore series. Rods to cover almost every type of inshore application.

black inshore

New TriFlex Inshore V2 Series - $299 Yet another brand new series from Lamiglas, an updated version of our well known TriFlex Inshore series.  


For The Freshwater Angler

X-11 Ultralight Series - $59.99 An extremely popular line of trout and panfish rods, with recently updated and improved cosmetics and components. 

trout rods

Assassin Series - $129 Another brand new rod series from Lamiglas. Designed for jigging Walleye, but with models up to 7' long, these rods can actually be used for a wide variety of freshwater species from bass to trout and beyond.


For The Fly Fishing Angler

X-11 Fly Series - $129 2 piece fly rods made for anyones budget. 5 different 9' models to choose from.

fly rod

G1000 Pro Fly Rods - $299 A premium USA Made fly rod series. High quality components and craftsmanship. 5 models to choose from.

fly rod

Lets face it, with Lamiglas being a well known leader in the fishing industry for over 70 years now, any gift that an angler receives with the word "Lamiglas" on it is going to make them smile. We hope this guide will give you a solid starting foundation to choose a gift that won't be soon forgotten(and built to last a lifetime!).

Happy Holidays!