The “Everything” Spinning Rod – Lamiglas X-11 LX79MS

The variety of rods that can be chosen for different techniques is seemingly endless.

graphite handle x11

For the purpose of increasing fish-catching odds, anglers often employ multiple rods or sets of rods. This can be very wise for maximum efficiency, but it’s not always an immediate reality for everybody, especially for beginning and intermediate anglers.

If you are looking for an effective multi-purpose rod – the LX79MS is an excellent choice.

A 7′ 9″ spinning rod designed and offered by Lamiglas, the LX79MS (LX79MS-GH) is from the X-11 series. Built from strong, sensitive graphite with deep-pressed chrome guides and your choice of cork or graphite handle. Gloss maroon finish has an elegant look that looks new longer, the X-11 looks exceptional from the shelf to the river.

Take it to the bank – or the boat.

This 2 piece rod packs easily into the car, the boat or the carry-on tube. With a line-rating of 8-15 it casts effectively and with accuracy. The lure rating is 1/4 – 5/8 oz. which fits squarely in the range that many of the most popular techniques fall under. At 7’9 it is easily fished out of a boat and its short enough to pack through the bushes.



Though many salmon rods are often longer, the LX79MS from Lamiglas makes an excellent rod for coho, sockeye, pinks and even smaller salmon rodchinook.

It makes for a very packable – 2 piece twitching rod. Throwing 3/8 and 1/2 oz twitching jigs for coho (silvers) is a lot of fun on this rod. With a fast but playable tip, it gets the job done well. You can also use it as a shorter float (bobber) rod to hook-set solidly when that float drops underwater! Cast spoons and spinners with this X-11 and take advantage of the sensitive feel and fast response. If you need a spinning drift rod the LX79MS will suit the bill and give you good feel of the bottom. Cast a 1/2 oz of weight easily to target water and hold on tight!


steelhead deschutes


Steelhead rods also often go from 8’6 and longer, but if you’re looking for a small river option to do multi-purpose techniques with, look no further. Throwing a #4 spinner with this rod will cast smoothly and it can fish the lighter floats also. The tip action is fast but not too fast. Hooksets effectively drive into the fishes mouth. If you’d like a rod to side-drift both steelhead and salmon with, this would fit the bill.

lx79ms x11 rodBass

Spinning 2 piece bass rods are not as typical in rod lineups. This rod could qualify as a bass rod – and it is 2 piece.  Fishing plastics like the “Senko” feels very precise and sensitive for detecting the bite. There is enough play in the tip to work a crankbait back to you, and enough power to lift a foot-ball jig. You could cast a spinner-bait far with this 2 piece X-11 rod. Even striper fishing is doable on this rod, whether you cast swim-baits or plugs with it it’s got the backbone when needed.

Trout / Freshwaterrainbow trout lamiglas fishing

One of the most popular methods for trout, catfish and other freshwater species is to cast out a sliding-weight rig into a lake and fish bait on or near the bottom. This rod will handle 3/4 ounce weight casted out far into the middle of the lake but still have enough tip play to show a softer bite. The LX79MS makes for a great lake fishing option, not just for the river!

To find the LX79MS go to your nearest Lamiglas dealer or search online for : LX79MS (or LX79MS-GH for graphite handle)

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