Spring is in the air all around the country, and some of our favorite fisheries will begin in the coming weeks (if they haven't started already). 

Lamiglas is well known as a high end rod manufacturer. The first thought that comes to mind when someone thinks of a Lamiglas fishing rod is often a high price tag and out of budget for a lot of anglers.

Realizing that not every angler can afford a $500 fishing rod, Lamiglas has recently come out with some incredible rods that have a high end feel and look with a price tag that will make your jaw drop (no joke, we've seen this reaction at countless shows).

This guide will highlight some of the more popular spring fisheries around the country and some of the amazing budget friendly rod series that Lamiglas offers for them.

Spring Salmon (Trolling): Redline Composite Series, $159

The Redline Composite series is a 2 rod series that was based off of the legendary USA-Made XCC Kwik series. We took the two most popular models in that series, the 934 and 1064, matched up the action and blank tapers with the look and build of our popular Redline series, and created the Redline Composite series.


redline composite

These rods were designed specifically for salmon trolling applications. The fiberglass/graphite composite blend in the blanks provides you with the delicate tip action needed to work flashers and other baits, and the bottom end power needed to drive a hook into a Chinooks mouth. 

Extremely appealing to the eye with the red accents, gloss black blank, smooth carbon fiber handle and high end components. These rods are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and carry a price tag of only $159!

Walleye Jigging Rods: The Hammer, $89

You will have a hard time finding a more capable walleye jigging rod for $89. The Hammer series rods are incredibly lightweight and comfortable in the hand, and have extraordinary sensitivity to feel even the lightest walleye bites. The extra fast action of the blanks makes working jigs in shallow or deep water a breeze. 

hammer walleye

Back by a One Year Limited Warranty, we promise you this will be a well spent $89!

Trout Fishing: X-11 Ultralight, $59.99

Anglers all over the country look forward to spring time trout fishing. Rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds begin to get stocked, while the holdover and native trout start to feed aggressively as the water temperatures warm and bug hatches start taking place. Walking the creeks and rivers and throwing small spinners to trout requires a rod that is lightweight, comfortable, and extremely sensitive; and thats just what the X-11 Ultralight series has to offer.


x11 ultralight

Features durable and ultra lightweight zero-insert guides. The graphite grey blank color sets a very nice contrast between the ergonomic reel seat and premium newly-shaped cork handles. Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty and carrying a price tag of only $59.99!

 Kokanee Fishing: CG70DR, $77

It's hard to beat coming back to the dock with a cooler full of tasty Kokanee. That magical time when the lakes warm up after winter is over brings hoards of anglers to the lakes to troll for these small, landlocked salmonoids. This is also an excellent fishery to get the kids involved as it is often action packed and relatively easy to get on the fish.

Whether you are flatlining or working a dodger in the downrigger, the CG70DR will not let you down. The fiberglass nature of the blank allows for the delicate tip action needed to keep the hooks pinned in the soft mouth of a kokanee, without tearing it out. 


A classic cork handle and a beautiful mahogany blank finish gives you that old school, high end Lamiglas rod look and feel, but at a price of $77 it's easy to buy a  set of these for your next Kokanee adventure.

Bass Fishing: XP Bass Series, $79

The nations most popular, widespread and easily accessed fish, the Largemouth Bass, goes into a crazed feed mode after their spawning takes place, a timeframe known to bass anglers as "post-spawn". This can be an excellent opportunity to cash in on some great bass fishing action. Whether you are pitching jigs and worms, or working crankbait and spinnerbaits, the versatile XP Bass series has a rod for you. The durable and sensitive graphite gives you incredible performance while the high quality components and split grip handle design make it a comfortable rod to fish all day long.


xp bass

Choose from lightweight 7' finesse models all the way to heavy 7'10" options for fishing swimbaits, no matter which rod in this series you fish, you will not be disappointed. Who knows, it might just be the best $79 you've ever spent!

Striped Bass (Surfcasting): Carbon Surf 9' Light - LCS9LS, $199

Surfcasters have been going stir crazy for months now. You can only spend so much time swapping out hooks on your plugs, going to shows to buy fishing gear, and watching videos on Surfcasters Journal before you've had enough....and then the bass finally arrive.

Chasing Striped Bass in the spring requires much different tactics than any other time of the year, and for that reason a different rod setup as well. The first arriving "schoolies" will be found in the back bays and rivers where water temps are the warmest during March and April. Since water temps will only be around 50 degrees at this time, the best way to get a bite will be by slowly fishing small bucktails, soft plastics on jig heads and plugs such as mag darters; almost always weighing under an ounce. 

You are going to need a rod that is a light power, with a sensitive tip and a moderate or moderate/fast action to not only cast the small offerings effectively, but feel them working as well. With a line rating of 10-25 lbs, and a lure rating of 3/8-2 ounces,  the LCS9LS is the perfect option for spring time striper fishing. 

carbon surf

carbon surf

This new series of rods took the surfcasting world by storm after its release last fall. Loaded with so many great components and features you will think you are holding a rod that costs twice as much as its $199 price tag.

Fluke, Tog & Bottom Fishing: Black Inshore Series, $119

 It's been a long winter, but it's finally time to put the boats back in the water and start filling up the cooler with tasty Fluke, Blackfish, Flounder and Porgies. No matter what species you are after in the Northeast, the Black Inshore series has an option for you. Choose from light conventional models like the B7025CT for Fluke and heavier models like the B7040C for Tog. On the spinning side, the lighter models like the B7215S and B7320S are perfect for jigging the bays, while the 7030S will handle heavier 2-3  ounce bucktails and jigs in the ocean.

black inshore

Built from high tensile strength graphite materials, these rods offer the sensitivity and backbone needed for inshore fishing. One piece construction, all Fuji components and a Limited Lifetime Warranty round out this incredible rod series that starts at a retail price of only $119!

If you didn't see your favorite spring fishery listed, don't worry, we still have the rod for you. Feel free to browse around our website, or download our entire 2020 catalog here to see all of the incredible fishing rod options Lamiglas has to offer.

See you on the water!