Pink Salmon, Steelhead & Kokanee Rods | Lamiglas

Featuring a custom pink & purple color scheme selected by Lamiglas fans on our Facebook page – we’ve brought four pink rods to the market.

Choose from 4 unique models designed for success on the water.

Rod Selection


10-20lb 1/4 – 3/4oz. 9’0

pink salmon and steelhead rods

A pink medium-heavy spinning rod capable of fighting steelhead, salmon and larger freshwater species. Featuring the new graphite handle for easy grip and quick cleanup of bait, this 9 foot, 10-20lb line rating spinning rod has backbone coupled with a good tip action.

Recommended combo salmon & steelhead spinning rod for most bank techniques.


15 – 30lb 1 – 8oz. 9’6″

An excellent baitcasting rod to troll for salmon with. This 15-30lb line rating rod has good power and action. Troll herring, flashers, bobber fish chinook, pull divers or plunk lighter lead with this 9’6 heavy power, moderate action rod. The graphite handle is easier in the rod holder and looks new longer.

Recommended rod for fishing salmon from a boat.

(Shown) LX96MSGHP 

8-12lb 1/4 – 3/4oz 9’6″

pink salmon & steelheadLightweight pink spinning rod with medium power. Great for steelhead, sockeye, pinks, coho and other species of salmon. At 9’6 it can easily mend a float or cast a spinner. The rod is rated 8-12 and is capable of casting lighter gear, but also has a good backbone to fight hot fish with. The action is perfect for  Recommended rod for steelhead or smaller salmon species.

Kokanee & Trout Trolling/Downrigger Rod


pink lamiglas trolling kokanee rod4-8lb 7’6 2-Piece

Light action pink kokanee and trout trolling rod. Made out of fiberglass for soft action, these rods are perfect for downrigger fishing or trolling for smaller species of trout, kokanee etc. Recommended baitcasting rod for trolling kokanee and trout.

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All of these rods are available at an MSRP of $142 or less! This makes them a hot seller among anglers who are interested in getting quality gear without a big price tag. Dealers sell them at a lower price and we have them on discount on our store.

The X-11 and kokanee rod come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty which ensures that you will be taken care of in the event of a manufacturing or material defect. If a rod is broken due to an accident or misuse – we’ll gladly repair or replace at a very reasonable charge.

These rods are available from our dealers both in-store and online. Go browse online or ask your local tackle shop if they have the Pink & Purple Lamiglas rods.

pink x11




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