Lamiglas for Life!

Article by Joe Knepper – Relentless Angling

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 7.49.20 AMGrowing up in Gresham Oregon in the late 80’s it wasn’t uncommon to see someone with rifles in the back window of their pickup truck, or a teenager riding home on his bike with a fresh Sandy river steelhead hanging off the handle bars.

As far back as I could remember I would fish with my dad (Brent), well, at least he would “drag me down to the river with him”. As time progressed, my interest in fishing grew, specifically targeting steelhead. The first “metalheadScreen Shot 2016-09-07 at 7.49.25 AM I ever bonked was below River Mill Dam, on the Clackamas River at the age of 12 drift fishing.  Although I was excited it was just the beginning of an addiction that would really come to life in my early 30’s. 

In the early 90’s my dad purchased a wooden drift boat and we started floating the lower Sandy. It opened up a wide range of water and allowed us to fish some new techniques. Since float fishing wasn’t really a thing then, we mainly ran diver and bait. I’ll never forget the look on my mom’s face when Dad came home with 3 new Lamiglas rods for running diver and bait. Despite her disapproval of the rod purchase, the following day we floated from Dabney to Lewis and Clark. That float has to be my most memorable fishing trip. We hooked over 10 fish on those new Lamiglas rods! It was incredible! I’ve been loyal to the Lamiglas brand ever since.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 7.49.54 AMFlash forward to 2010, with the help of my good friend Corey Roberts we launched a social media based promotional fishing group called Relentless Angling Northwest.  Our goal was to share our fishing adventures with the world and help promote our favorite products through product placement photos. We currently reach over 10,000 people a week through Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We have also been able to build several great partnerships within the fishing industry, one of those being Lamiglas fishing rods.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 7.49.44 AMAlthough I fish many techniques and have multiple Lamiglas rods specifically for each one, I spend the majority of my time float fishing. I have ran through many different float rods and I have to say the Lamiglas SI 106 MS spinning is my favorite by far. This rod has enough length to float the far side of the river and plenty of backbone to handle big fish. In fact, I used the 10’6’ most of last springer season! It also has incredible sensitivity, which isn’t always a necessity in a float rod but there have been many times where I felt the fish grab my presentation before the float went down thanks to that feature.

Not only is the Lamiglas SI 106 MS an incredible float rod it can be used for other techniques as well. I always carry a separate spool filled with monofilament to make for an easy transition from float fishing, to spinner fishing or even drift fishing. I have caught fish using all 3 techniques on the SI 106 MS. Other reasons I chose to switch over to the SI line are the Limited Lifetime Warranty and the fact that the line is locally produced in Woodland, Washington.

si series rod
Joe fishes a number of different SI series rods.

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Watch below as Joe and his talented young sons set the hook on numerous summer steelhead…on camera!

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