USA-Made Fishing Rods

Not many rod companies still believe in USA Manufacturing. We do.

The Lamiglas Fishing Rod & Blank Facilities, located in Woodland, WA is where our products first take shape. Our team of highly skilled rod-builders work on prototyping, improving and discovering the best designs and building practices. 

Our building process, from the blank to the finished rod, requires strict attention to detail and rod quality. That's why we've got talented individuals building these handcrafted products.

rosaguidesusafacility Not every series in our catalog is assembled in our Woodland, WA facility, but all of our products are developed, distributed and serviced by our USA Rod Factory. 

USA-Made products will be notated on the rod label, as well as on our product pages.

Fishing Rod Series Built in the USA

The Closer Centerpin

SI Series

Infinity Series

XCC (Kwik) Series

XCC Bait & Troll

G1000 Pro 

G1000 Pro Fly



SuperSurf 2G Pro