Buoy 10 Cash Derby

The Buoy 10 Salmon season is one that anglers look forward to all year long. Thousands of crazed anglers from all over the Pacific Northwest pack into the mouth of the Columbia River to cash in on one of the worlds largest Chinook or King Salmon returns. Back to add even more excitement to this fishery is the Lamiglas Buoy 10 Cash Derby.

While our XCC Kenai Kwik series of trolling rods are already the go to choice for guides and casual fishermen alike, we want to give anglers even more of an incentive to use our rods in Astoria this season. 

One lucky angler this year will receive $1000 cash from Lamiglas for the longest measured Chinook Salmon caught on a Lamiglas rod within the Buoy 10 boundaries from August 14th to August 27th. The second place winner will receive 2 XCC trolling rods while the third place winner will receive 1 XCC trolling rod. 

Entry is free for this tournament, but only fish caught on Lamiglas rods will count!

All photo and video submissions should be sent to buoy10challenge@lamiglas.com


*updated 8/26/2020

First Place ($1000 Cash Prize)

Angler - Benton Aleshire
Guide - None
Fish Length - 44"
Rod Used - XCC934GH

Second Place (Wins 2 XCC rods)

Angler - Carla Sampels
Guide - Curtis Bunny - First Pass Outfitters
Fish Length - 43"
Rod Used - XCC1064GH

Third Place (Wins 1 XCC rod)

Angler - Jackson Allen
Guide - Tom Tucker - 360 Fishing Trips
Fish Length - 42"
Rod Used - XCC965GH

Winning Guide Service (Wins 4 XCC rods)

Winning Guide
*if a customer of a guide boat wins 1st place, that guide will win 4 XCC trolling rods!


Read the full rules below:

1. Fish must be caught on a Lamiglas rod

2. Fish must be caught within the Buoy 10 boundaries, which stated by ODFW is "Buoy 10 line up to a line projected from Rocky Point on the Washington bank through Red Buoy 44 to the navigation light at Tongue Point on the Oregon bank"

3. Only legally harvested Chinook Salmon will count.

4. Anglers must possess the required license and tag to fish the body of water. Proof of these tags will be required for all winning fish.

5. Two photographs will be required with each submission. First photograph will be of angler holding the fish with the Lamiglas rod logo clearly visible in photo and pointed towards the camera. Second photograph will be of fish on deck of boat, on a dock or other hard surface with measuring tape along side fish.

6. Fish should be measured with a rigid ruler such as a tape measure or boat decal and have clearly legible numbers.

7. The tape must be unobstructed for the entire length of the fish.

8. Fish will be rounded to the nearest ¼” increment.

9. Fish will be measured in total length from tip of snout to tip of tail.

10. In the event of a tie, the submission entered first will win.

11. Video submissions will be permitted. Anglers must state name and show their face and the Lamiglas rod in the video along with the measurement of the fish.





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buoy 10
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