XCC Bait & Troll Series

USA-Made from the Blank to the Finished Rod

The XCC Bait & Troll series is one of the most unique and effective rods ever designed. With a design that utilizes both graphite and fiberglass in the blank, you can actually see the taper of the graphite in the butt section, taper up into the all glass tip section.

What this design offers is incredible tip action for plug (crankbait), trolling and bait fishing, with an absolutely powerful butt section. It is truly the best of both worlds, all of backbone you need to land big Striped Bass, Salmon, Catfish or other powerful species. 

This design was pioneered by Lamiglas and Mark Wilson for Bay, River and Estuary trolling for striped bass, however it has been utilized for a multitude of species due to its impressive action and backbone. Anglers cast crankbaits to bass, run plugs like Kwikfish and Maglips for Salmon, or even fish live bait for catfish.

xcc bait & troll