Walleye Series

walleye series

The walleye angler is focused on sensitivity and performance. Our new Walleye series brings that to the table – and more. Beautiful dark forest green blanks are paired with elegant cork handles and gold trim. The Walleye rods are a sight to behold but even more impressive when fished. Choose from some of the lightest, most sensitive jig rods on the market today. These rods have a light graphite feel with a fast enough action to notice the feather-light bite of a walleye. 


Telegraphic sensitivity with a fast but light tip. Ideal for jigs or casting small crankbaits. Also the ideal blank for drop-shotting or fishing plastics for smallmouth bass.


Multi-purpose walleye rod that can vertical jig, fish blade-baits or even troll a worm harness. Sufficient power with loads of sensitivity.


Fast-action vertical jigging rod that can feel the difference between the bottom, or a bite with ease. Perfect taper for quick and accurate hooksets.