Whats New

What’s new?

SI Series

You voted for more. We delivered. The all-new Lamiglas Si 98 MC is a long, unbelievably sensitive casting rod unlike any other. The Si 106 MS is a long float rod that will have steelhead junkies singing its praises after the first cast. The Si Series delivers greater sensitivity and strength.With this innovative new technology, salmon and steelhead anglers can enjoy superior strength, as much as 40% more, with no added weight. The composites feature a revolutionary technology that contains nano-sized spheres of silica so small, they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber, creating a matrix of strength throughout the entire composite. The Lamiglas Si Series also features titanium K-frame guides and exposed-blank reel seats.

1)      SI 98 MC     9’ 8” 8-12 lb Casting

2)      SI 106 MS   10’ 6” 8-12 lb Spinning

 Certified Pro Kwik

Expect kwik results. The XCC 934 and XCC 1064’s have taken over the professional guide community as the ultimate trolling rods. Long, soft, and forgiving, these rods allow trolled and back-trolled plugs and bait to produce more action. The XCC 965 is a stout rod for fishing heavy lead in big rivers or the salt. The XCC 885 is the perfect wobbler rod for fall chinook. Lamiglas Pro and angling icon, Bob Toman, designed the ultimate spinner rod in the XCC793. Most models feature our popular graphite handles (GH) for comfort and extreme durability. All models feature Fuji reel seats and Fuji Concept Guide System.

1)      XCC 793 GH   7’ 9” 15-30 lb Casting

2)      XCC 885 GH   8’ 8” 15-40 lb Casting

3)      XCC 965 GH   9’ 6” 15-40 lb Casting

 X 11 Salmon/Steelhead

These rods are sophisticated tools, exhibiting astonishing sensitivity and control, with highly focused affordability. We’ve selected deep press chrome guides, constructed of stainless steel. The combination of their deep pressed ring design and finish allows these guides to hold up to the most rigorous of fishing conditions. Exposed reel seats provide additional sensitivity and feel, while the glossy merlot color, IM graphite blanks are strikingly beautiful.

1)      LX 96 HC     9’ 6” 15-30 lb Casting

2)      LX 106 HC   10’ 6” 15-30 lb Casting

3)      LX 79 MS    7’ 9” 8-12 lb Spinning

4)      LX 86 HS     8’ 6” 12-25 lb Spinning

 Excel 2

All new and all in a beautiful, aqua-blue finish. There is no mistaking the new Excel II series for anything but  the best. We’ve completely retooled the line up to cover all the tried and true actions and emerging techniques professional touring anglers demand. These high-performance fishing rods feature Lamiglas IM graphite construction, split grips, and Fuji SK2 reel seats. All are build using the deep pressed Hybrid guide system.

1)      EXL 703 C               7’ 3 power 8-15 lb Casting

2)      EXL 704 C               7’ 4 power 10-20 lb Casting

3)      EXL 705 C               7’ 5 power 12-25 lb Casting

4)      EXL 705 Glass          7’ 5 power 8-20 lb Casting

5)      EXL 733 C               7’ 3” 3 power 10-17 lb Casting

6)      EXL 734 C               7’ 3” 4 power 10-20 lb Casting

7)      EXL 735 C               7’ 3” 5 power 12-25 lb Casting

8)      EXL 736 C               7’ 3” 6 power 15-30 lb Casting

9)      EXL 765 C               7’ 6” 5 power 12-25 lb Casting

10)    EXL 766 Flip            7’ 6” 6 power 12-30 lb Flip

11)    EXL 712 S               7’ 1” 2 power 4-10 lb Spinning

12)    EXL 713 S               7’ 1” 3 power 6-12 lb Spinning

13)    EXL 714 S               7’ 1” 4 power 8-17 lb Spinning


 Infinity Surf

Infinity Surf rods feature 3M™ Powerlux™ Resins. This revolutionary technology features 3M’s unique ability to formulate highly concentrated, uniformly dispersed silica nanoparticles evenly throughout the graphite composite blanks. The Powerlux composite material contains an astonishing 40 percent of nanoparticles uniformly dispersed and densely packed throughout the resin. Combined with Fuji K-Frame guides, black wrap grips and comfortable butt caps, the new Infinity Surf Series sets a higher standard.

1)      INF 101 MHS          10’ 2-5oz 17-40 lb Spinning

2)      INF 111 MHS          11’ 2-6oz 17-40 lb Spinning


Supersurf 2G Series

Redesigned and better than ever. The original SuperSurf series was one of the best-selling lines in the Lamiglas offering, but we weren’t satisfied. We kept all the best attributes and added even more. SuperSurf 2G rods are now lighter and more durable than ever through the process of integrating new technology and materials. Each and every model now look as good as they cast. Featuring Fuji reel seats, lightweight K-frame guides, and a beautiful, aqua-blue finish. They’re a new cast of champions.

1)      SSS 9 MHS              9’ 1-3oz. 15-25 lb Spinning

2)      SSS 10 MS              10’ 1-3oz 15-25 lb Spinning

3)      SSS 10 MHS            10’ 2-5oz 17-40 lb Spinning

4)      SSS 101 MHS          10’ 2-5oz 17-40 lb 1 piece Spinning

5)      SSS 11 MHS            11’ 2-6oz 17-40 lb Spinning


 Graphite Surf and Jetty

Pick any beach, any pier, any jetty anywhere around the world and chances are there are fish to be caught…if you have the right equipment. These super-durable graphite rods are ideal for slick rocky shores and pounding waves. Soft tips aid in the right presentation, and the rods have plenty of power to put the brakes on when fish head for the rocks. The distinctive high-gloss, clear-coated design with black wraps and gold accents makes a bold statement. Final touches include Fuji guides, Fuji graphite reel seats and attractive, functional EVA and cork-tape handles.

1)      XS 101 MHS          10’ 3-6oz. 17-40 lb Spinning

2)      XS 111 MHS          11’ 3-6oz. 17-40 lb Spinning


 Insane Surf Series

Our rod designers went crazy on this new line of cutting-edge-techology surf rods. While the perfectly tuned actions are what you’d expect from Lamiglas, the new X-Flock handles take on a whole new approach. These new heat shrunk grips are tougher than steel, yet soft and super comfortable. And they look pretty cool, too. If your surf fishing exploits have been described as a bit unexplainable, the Insane Surf rods were built for you.

1)      LIS 10 MHC           10’ 2-5oz 17-40 lb Casting

2)      LIS 11 MHC           11’ 2-6oz 17-40 lb Casting

3)      LIS 9 MS                9’  1-3oz 15-25 lb Spinning

4)      LIS 10 MS             10’ 1-3oz 15-25 lb Spinning

5)      LIS 10 MHS           10’ 2-5oz 17-40 lb Spinning

6)      LIS 11 MHS           11’ 2-6oz 17-40 lb Spinning