Top Rods for Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is a well loved activity for those that want a chance to hook into a massive fish. Range of sturgeon size is very wide, you may hook into a 24 inch “shaker,” a 47-inch “keeper” or a 10-foot oversize!columbia river sturgeon brandon glass

Because of sturgeons size and the fact that they can be hard-fighting fish, the rods required to catch sturgeon are often big-diameter, brutal sticks. Below are some of the top options from Lamiglas’ lineup broken down by technique.

Boat Fishing for Sturgeon

Anchoring the boat and “chunking” bait such as sand-shrimp or smelt is very popular for sturgeon. Rods must have lots of backbone and be able to handle weights anywhere from a few ounces up to heavy weights.

LIS7030C & LIS7040C (Insane Salt Series)

Insane Salt
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These rods from the “Insane Salt” series are strong, fast action rods designed for saltwater species like tuna and lingcod, but sturgeon anglers fish them due to their ability to put the brakes on big sturgeon.

At 7 feet long they are great for the boat and surprisingly affordable. The LIS7030C is rated 15-30 and great for keeper sturgeon with moderate weight. The LIS7040C is 20-40 and has even more backbone.

XCC885GH (Certified Pro Kwik Series)

xcc885gh 885 gh lamiglas
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The XCC885GH is a one-piece 8’8 rod that is perfect for spreading out your baits. With a soft, readable tip you can see the light bite of a sturgeon munching on your bait and then set the hooks deep in the fishes mouth. These rods are USA made out of fiberglass and graphite and are also excellent for salmon trolling or anchor fishing.

Other rods you can check out in the XCC series would be the XCC965GH (great for both boat and bank fishing sturgeon) or the XCC1066GH which is a good choice for plunking for sturgeon or salmon.

BW6640C (Bluewater Series)

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This 6’6 20-40lb rod is powerful enough to fish for keeper & oversized sturgeon. It’s designed to be used for tuna trolling or live-bait fishing. It’s definitely a heavy power rod that will put the wood to big fish.

Beautiful aqua-blue finish with EVA foam grips for grip. The lifting power on this rod allows you to make moves on big fish. Moderate bend but your hooksets will connect very quickly.

There are many other rods in the Lamiglas lineup (Including the ultra-durable Tri-Flex rods) that will do the job for boat fishing sturgeon, but these are some popular choices. You can find these at local tackle dealers or online.

Bank Fishing for Sturgeon

When you are bank fishing for sturgeon, you need a rod that will cast heavy weight out into your target area. Most common are surf rods in a casting configuration. This allows casting power and backbone on big fish.

insane surf lamiglas

LIS11MHC (Insane Surf Series)

This 11 foot 2-piece rod casts well and far. Ideal for 2-6 oz. its able to move bigger weights and bigger fish. Very affordable and powerful rod perfect for plunk & chunk techniques.

Check out the LIS11MHC or you can also get the 10-foot version, the LIS10MHC. There is also a spinning version, the LIS11MHS for those who want to use a spinning reel off of the bank.

gsb blanks
Graphite Surf Blanks

XS10MHC (Graphite Surf & Jetty Series)

The staple of surfcasting, this series is a extremely well-loved USA-made classic. The XS10MHC is an excellent choice for casting bait out and depending on. Lots of power but a nice, moderate bend to it. Chucks a few ounces out perfectly and holds onto fish without issue.

Also, check out other Graphite Surf & Jetty blanks for powerful rods to cast with.

Fiberglass Surf Blanks

For rod builders who are looking to build extremely powerful bait-plunking rods, the fiberglass surf blanks are very popular for those who want to throw extremely heavy weights (even up to 16 oz!) View our selection of Fiberglass Surf Blanks here.

However you choose to fish for sturgeon, you’ll have a great time if you use the right equipment. Heavier braided line 50lb-80lb is usually recommended on larger reels. The line rating on these rods above is rated for monofilament so you may be able to use a slightly higher braid rating.

Best of luck to you from Lamiglas!