“The Closer” USA-Made Centerpin Rods & Blanks

The “Float Rod” Perfected

“The Closer” is a Centerpin Rod Series with a mod/fast action delivering accurate float control and hookset response, even on longer drifts. Many centerpin rods are tip heavy and too soft. This rod was designed to be well-balanced and powerful while still protecting light leaders.

lamiglas roger hinchcliff the closer
“It’ll give you, the angler, true float control and powerful hooksets at longer distances.  Close the deal on Steelhead & Salmon with THE CLOSER.” Roger Hinchcliff – Primary Rod Consultant


The blanks distribute pressure throughout the blank so precisely that there is a forgiving but powerful backbone. Have a stout fish headed for the rapids? You can turn fast and furious fish easier than with traditional “floppy” Centerpin Rods. Have a fish coming out of the water fast with barbless hooks? These rods are not stiff and allow a fish to twist and turn.

With beautiful polished graphite blank construction and a fiberglass weave over the butt section, these rods have lightweight sensitivity but are also dependable and strong.

Top Quality Guides

“The Closer” features larger REC recoils on the top section to avoid icing and a brand-new REC double-ring recoil on the tip-top. The lower ceramic guides are sensitive, strong and lightweight. Recoils result in less tip weight and hold up well to continued bank and boat use.

Carbon Fiber Weave Handlethe closer handle

The carbon fiber weave handle is a new advantage in sensitivity. The materials used in this handle configuration are designed to maximize vibrations, while being highly durable. These handles clean off nicely from bait use (like egg skeins) and grip very well in wet or dry weather.

You will notice that the CFX carbon fiber handle warms to your hand quickly. Grab a hold for 30 seconds, take your hand off and touch the handle again, it retains warmth. This feature perfect for cold-weather angling.

With a sleek black butt cap the rod balances expertly and protects the rod when set down on the bank or on a boat floor.

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6-12lb   1/4 – 5/8oz. Medium Steelhead

ccp12m the closer

12’ Length   2-Piece Fixed Reel Seat

The perfect steelhead float rod for all types of steelhead from small to large. The hooded reel seat allows your fingers to touch the woven carbon fiber handle next to the reel. 6-12lb leaders work excellent on this float rod that has perfect mending capability. The ALPS fixed reel seat is positioned to allow good placement of rod to the arm & body.


6-12lb   1/4 – 5/8oz. Medium Steelhead

centerpin closer sliding ring

12’ Length   2-Piece    Sliding Rings

The sliding ring model of the 6-12lb rod allows full range of handle positioning on that same amazing 6-12lb blank. This rod will accommodate light & med weight floats for steelhead. Perfect hookset for jig, bead and bait float fishing.


10-17lb   1/4 – 3/4oz. Medium-Heavy Steelhead/Salmon

centerpin closer sliding ring

12’ Length   2-Piece   Sliding Rings

The Medium-Heavy CCP12MHR is a sliding ring model with a strong, well distributed backbone. This rod still has an excellent tip for smaller steelhead but can handle and fight chinook salmon, coho salmon and large steelhead.

The picture below shows the bend of this rod when it has 32 oz. loaded up on the flexboard.

the closer centerpin lamiglas
“The Closer” Medium Heavy CCP12MHR

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Jay’s Sporting Goods

Two Locations:

Gaylord, MI · (989) 705-1339
Clare, MI · (989) 386-3475

Al & Bob’s

3100 Division Ave S,

Grand Rapids, MI 49548

616) 245-9156

Hank & Sons

16441 N Coates Hwy,

Brethren, MI 49619

(231) 477-5450

Chiefs Bait & Tackle

1114 W 4th St,

Michigan City, IN 46360

(219) 874-4086

FishUSA Pro Shop 

Phone 800.922.1219

6960 West Ridge Road
Fairview, PA 16415

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Pappy’s Bait & Tackle

17092 Caberfae Hwy

Wellston, MI 49689

(231) 848-4142

Northeastern Fine Float Fishing


These rods are USA-Made to the highest standards.

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