Skinner Rod (John Skinner – Lamiglas Surf Rod)

The Skinner Rodjohn skinner lamiglas fishing

Based on the legendary GSB blanks, the John Skinner Lamiglas rod is developed specifically for popular surfcasting applications.

John Skinner has long used a cut-down version of a popular Lamiglas blank to craft his favorite action rod. Now – Lamiglas has recreated this in a USA Made production model that works amazing with live bait, plugs and pencil poppers.

Line Wt. | 14-30lb

Lure Wt. | 2-4 oz

Length | 9’2 (1 piece)

“I use this rskinner rod lamiglasod for a high percentage of my surfcasting because it handles a lot of different situations extremely well. You can throw 3/4-ounce bucktails and swimming plugs with it and it allows small to medium bass to give a good account of themselves.”

“However, it’s sweet spot is probably 2-3 ounces, where it’s a superb pencil popping rod. It’s also great with bottle and darter plugs. I actually built it originally as a live and rigged eel rod for slightly heavier payloads and large (20-40#+) bass. The rod does an amazing job of whipping big fish.”skinner rod

“You can get a lot of leverage on big fish with it. The guide selection and layout results in a lightweight rod with a lot of power that you can cast for hours without fatigue.”

The Skinner Rod – USA Made Lamiglas Surf Rod