SI710MHC – Rod Review by John Klar

The Lamiglas Si 710 MHCsi fishing rod lamiglas

“One bad ass fishing rod with a multitude of uses…”
si710 hover fishing backbouncing jiggingThe Si 710 MHC is kind of a sleeper in the Si lineup.  Originally designed as the ‘Ferrari’ of hover fishing rods, the rod is right at home doing several jobs when put to the task.  In my guiding, I’ve used it for its original use of hover fishing, but have also used it for a couple of other techniques with fantastic results. 


Back bouncing – I was introduced to the rod at the factory a couple of summers ago when I stopped in on my way to the Skeena River.  I took a half dozen of them with me and we fished them in the land of giants for 8 days.  I came away really appreciating the feather-light weight and amazing sensitivity of it.  Is it a rod that will lift ten ounces effectively?  No, although we did do that.  The Infinity Bouncer is a far better rod for those heavy weights but for bouncing 1 to 3 ounces the Si was a dream.  I’ve also used it on Smith River when the water is super low and clear and we’re bouncing 1/2 ounce to spooky salmon in 4 feet of water.  The ultra sensitive tip that makes it a great hover rod also makes it a great low water bouncing rod.

Casting Length Pieces Line Weight Handle Action Power MSRP
SI 710 MHC 7’10” 1 10 – 25 1 Mod/Fast  Medium/Heavy $556 (Dealers offer discounted pricing)
Vertical flutter jigging for stripers and  salmon –  This is what I really love doing with this rod.  The super sensitivity of the rod really isn’t a factor in this application, as the bite is so aggressive, but the length is perfect, and the overall light weight of the rod doesn’t wear you out.

The Si 710 MHC is a mainstay in my arsenal because of its light weight, sensitivity, and versatility.  Wiggle one the next time you have a chance.  I’ll bet there are things you’ll think of doing with it besides just hover fishing.chinook fishing si lamiglas rod
– Lamiglas Pro Staff John Klar
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