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East Fork Outfitters is XCC to the core.

What is better than a furious takedown from a big, angry salmon?!! 

Trolling for chinook (king) and coho (silver) salmon has long been one of the most popular boat techniques employed. Whether your method of trolling involves a down-rigger, diver or spreader bar and lead, the rods you use either minimize, or maximize your success.

The best salmon trolling rods have a certain level of backbone mixed with an action that compliments the movement of the lure. For certain techniques a faster tip and quick response is the ideal action, but for many techniques, a tip that allows a lot of movement is perfect. Often, one rod will work well for most techniques, but as you spend more time on the water you often find your rod preferences will vary from one technique to the other – just like the areas you fish.

Anglers often have a mixture of rods in their boats when trolling salmon, opting for various lengths to best spread out their gear. Many enjoy having matching sets so that they can maintain consistency.

If you’re looking to maximize success in trolling, our lineup of rods fits many fisheries and preferences. Let’s take a look at a few top sellers:

Kenai Kwik Series (XCC)

Also known as the Certified Pro Kwik

XCC934GH – “The Number 1 Salmon Trolling Rod”  

(XCC1064GH = same type of action in a 10’6″ model)

Countless guides and dedicated fishermen rely on the XCC934GH rods day-in and day-out for trolling success.


Construction: Composite of Graphite & Fiberglass | Length: 9’3 (2 Piece Rod 50/50 split) 10’6 model available in XCC1064GH

Line Rating: 15-30 lb | Lure Rating: 1-8 oz. | Action: Moderate | Power: Heavy

Handle: Graphite (XCC934GH) or Cork (XCC934) – GH stands for “graphite handle” on all Lamiglas rods.

randy wells lamiglas xccRandy Wells 934’s working with a down-rigger

salmon rod bending on a big fish
The XCC885GH is an amazing one piece option if you need great tip movement with powerful backbone.
 Handmade in the USA – Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty – So you never have to worry about a defect.

salmon trolling rod lamiglas 934

“If you need to have one rod for salmon, The XCC934GH is a great all around rod…In saltwater I can use it easily in the downrigger or just as easily with a spreader bar and to 12 ounces (cannonball.) When the river starts I can turn around, put it in my drift-boat rod holder with the big Hawg-Nose Mag Lip plugs. It doesn’t max the rod out before it gets bit, you still have plenty of power for big kings in fast current. Some plug rods are too light for the big plugs like the K16’s or the Mag Lip Hawg-Nose, not the 934, it handles it all perfectly.” – Randy Wells (“Lunker Junkies TV” – Pro Staff Fishing Guide)

The 934’s moderate bend allows salmon to “chew” on baits like herring or anchovies without immediately feeling hard resistance, but when you pick up the rod out of the rod holder, you’ll have plenty of backbone to use against that fish.

XCC’s are set apart from many trolling rods on the market in that they utilize both graphite and fiberglass for a unique action. These “composite” rods are an absolute favorite on the Columbia.

cody herman lamiglas fishing
Cody Herman loves the power and versatility of the XCC965GH

XCC965GH & XCC1066GH – Extra heavy power for big leads, divers, strong current and powerful fish.

965 – 9’6″ 2 piece – 1066 10’6″ 2 piece

15 – 40 lb. line rating  | 4 – 12 oz. lure rating

These are the workhorses of the XCC family. The 965 is essentially the “big brother to the XCC934GH, 3 inches longer and with a stouter backbone, it still bends well with lead and a flasher and works excellent for holding heavy lead out of the boat. Because of the fiberglass in the blank it still retains an action that works excellent for trolling bait. Big-drag baits like the Super-Bait and Pro Troll setup work extremely well when towed by these powerful troll rods.

The 965 can also sit on anchor well with heavy lead, wobblers, spinners and really shines in a number of areas. The XCC1066GH features the same 15-40 lb line rating, but in a longer setup that is perfect for running heavy lead off of the bow of your boat. Many anglers at the “Bouy 10″ fishery in Astoria Oregon love these rods for running as much as 20-24 oz of lead in the front of their trolling spread. Don’t forget these rods can also be plunked or bobber-fished (with larger heavy float setups) and many find that these designs are

Kenai Kwik Series (XCC)

X-11 Series (LX)

x11 casting rods graphite handle

The X11 series is one of the most popular salmon & steelhead rods on the market today. They are graphite performers available in both a classic cork handle or graphite handle (Add GH to model for Graphite Handle) With models that span a wide range of lengths and weight classes, these X-11 models have a few primary trolling options. Attractive gloss blanks are paired with chrome guides and product specific actions.

Here are a few primary salmon trolling options:

LX96HC (GH or GHP options available)

Pink X-11 Series Rod LamiglasThis 9’6 2-piece rod has a moderate action with strong backbone that works very well trolling bait on a spreader or handling a Kwikfish while anchored. With a line rating of 15-30 and lure rating of 1-6 it fits well into Columbia River fisheries and can handle larger fish. Many use it for lighter plunking on the Columbia as well. This is the “everything” salmon rod that works for a variety of techniques and uses.

A pink version of this rod is available with a graphite handle. View Personalized Rod Option Here

LX106HC (add GH for Graphite Handle)

The 10’6″ version in the X-11 series that is an excellent trolling rod for spreading gear out. Runs a 15-30 lb line rating and 1-6 oz lure rating for classic troll performance. Great with Super-Baits or herring and flasher. Perfect option for the rod holder or the bank.

LX90XHC (Add GH for Graphite Handle) 

A 9′ beast X-11 built to troll with Confidence. Line rating checks in at 15-40 lb with a lure rating of 1 – 4 oz. This rod offers a strong backbone and power. All around salmon option that works better for the smaller boats and out the back of the sled.

All X-11 rods come in either cork and graphite and are available through your dealers for very affordable prices. 1 year warranty on X-11 series. (Import Option – Inspected, Serviced and Distributed in USA)

big giant canada chinook

Classic Glass Series

A standby from Lamiglas for countless years, the Classic Glass series capitalizes on the strengths of fiberglass for exceptional trolling action. 3 models in medium-heavy and heavy do a fantastic job for lighter trolling setups.


The Classic Glass rods will perform very well in cases where you are trolling lighter rigs (think 5 oz. and less) and have a glass action that is forgiving but responsive. Whether you are pulling herring or trolling a plug (crankbait) hunting for fish, the Classic Glass rods are one of the most affordable options from Lamiglas.


Lamiglas rods are available both online (search for model number via search engines) and in your favorite local dealers.

Email for additional information.

Kenai Kwik Series (XCC)

X-11 Series (LX)

Classic Glass Series

Coming Soon : The Super G

Go Glass with our advanced technology fiberglass – the Super G. Durable, powerful, highly tuned fiberglass rods. Built for troll, diver, plug, bait and beyond! Extremely well built for ultimate on the water performance.Super G and XCC at work!

Casting Length Pieces Line Weight Action Power MSRP
BSG802GH 8′ 1 8 -20# Mod Med/Hvy $390.00 Coming Soon
BSG803GH 8′ 1 12 – 25# Mod Hvy $390.00 Coming Soon
BSG904H 9′ 2 15 – 30# Mod Hvy $390.00 Coming Soon
BSG1065GH 10’6 2 15 – 40# Mod Xtr Heavy $390.00 Coming Soon

These will be Bouy 10 favorites alongside our extremely popular XCC series. Go Glass with the Super G!

The Super G