Surf Rods

Ron Arra Surf 2 DSC00094Card 1

Okay so we’re obsessive. Instead of hugging the wife and remarking how beautiful the sunrise is, we’re strapped in waders, gaze fixated on breaking baitfish. What lure or bait? What size? No time for sightseeing, these opportunities only last so long.

We talk about waves, but more so about rips, eddy-lines, points, and buckets. And in each instance compose the perfect tool for evoking a savage response from the fish that inhabit the spot. If time were unlimited we wouldn’t be so picky. We’d build 10 or 11 basic rods and pat ourselves on the back. But we consider every moment on the water precious, and whether it’s the longest cast, perfect lure action, or both, the right rod is inseparable from the quality of the experience. This year, our vision of perfection encompasses more than 50 rods.