Classic Glass Series

Classic Glass

The Classic Glass series holds true to it’s name featuring a timeless fiberglass design. The soft, even bend of the fiberglass blank makes an excellent downrigger choice or plug/light trolling model. The forgiveness of the blank can be useful when a fish is thrashing around near the surface, especially with barbless hooks. As a fully fiberglass option, it excels in ways that a normal graphite rod can’t. Cork handles round out the traditional styling of the Classic Glass.

Light Classic Glass options available.


These rods are for the plug pullers, backtrollers, herring trollers and downrigger anglers that excel on the water by keeping it simple. The premise behind moderate action glass rods is simple: if you allow a fish to get a firm hold of your bait or lure, the result will be a solid hook-up. And most often it really is just that simple. Traditional styling makes these rods all-around winners.

classic-glass-series-rod-handle (1)
Casting Length Pieces Lure Weight Line Weight Handle Action Power Type Purchase
CG 82 DR 8′ 2″ 2 3/8 – 1 8 – 20 1 Mod Med/Heavy Buy Now
CG 86 MHC 8′ 6″ 2 3/8 – 1 10 – 20 1 Mod Med/Heavy Buy Now
CG 90 DR 9′ 2 3/4 – 4 15 – 30 1 Mod Heavy Buy Now