‘Paco’ Kayak Fishing Rods

‘Paco’ Kayak Series 

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paco kayak series rodsThe Ultimate Kayak Fishing Rod

6 models introduced in your choice of pure graphite (carbon fiber) or graphite/fiberglass composite constructions.

5 spinning models with 1 heavy-duty powerful casting model.

Kayak rods feature concentrated tip action with strong backbone and highly durable components.

Polished Graphite Rods – PK 722 S, PK 723 S PK 724 S  – Three uber-sensitive spinning models, 7’2″ in length with polished graphite finish that looks incredible. Multi-species capable and built for amazing fishing feel.

Gloss Composite Rods – PK 7020 S, PK 7030 S, PK 7040C – Composite (graphite/glass blank construction) kayak rods that have tons of strength and the ability to fight large fish. 2 spinning models and 1 casting model in the 7′ range.

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Key Features

  • Graphite & Composite blank selections

  • Shortened graphite handle section and durable butt-cap

  • Strong EVA foam foregrips

  • 270 lb. tensile strength heavy-duty leash to attach a lanyard

Looking for a Kayak Fishing Rod Lanyard? Visit the Smart Lanyard Page

kayak fishing lamiglas
butt cap leash lamiglas

270 lb. tensile strength, heavy-duty leash attaches easily to a lanyard, or you can stow it on the bottom of the handle using a basic rubber-band or hair-tie.

Kayak Angler Christian Tucker Grandon had this to say about the PK7040C

pacokayakrodThe custom shortened butt of the rod gives confidence when fighting big fish off shore. You can plant the rod in your stomach for leverage. I never feel unstable like I do with traditional rods. The looped end makes sure I never lose my rod.”

The included picture is Christian’s catch.

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Read about models in the Paco Kayak Series

kayak bass rods

Three models are all-graphite blank construction. They are all 7’2. We call these kayak models “Freshwater” but a lot of the in-shore saltwater anglers are finding uses for them as well. They have a faster action but definitely not too fast, there is play in the tip with very good cast-ability. These are very sensitive rods that detect light bites with ease, but you don’t have to worry about the blanks either – they are strongly constructed with smart patterns.

The 4-10 model PK722S is a nimble rod that casts 4-10 lb line very well and has a telegraphic sensitivity. With a 1/8-3/4 oz lure rating it’s actually quite dynamic and has surprising backbone when it comes down to it. Smaller species beware, this rod is extremely capable for light tackle and aggressive fish. Can be an excellent walleye/kokanee jigging model with a sensitive tip action.

The PK723S is a 6-15 medium-light that is extremely fun for smallmouth or smaller inshore fish. The tip has a parabolic bend going into a solid backbone. Tons of sensitivity is sustained and available through this graphite blank and it bridges the gap well for lighter-tackle fishermen.

The PK724S is rated at 8-17 lb line with a lure rating of 3/8 – 3/4 oz. This rod is SO versatile it truly has one of the widest range of applications around. This rod can produce results from many bass techniques. Throw a plastic “senko” style bait with ease, toss a jig near some cover or rip back a spinnerbait to the kayak. Just as capable for inshore fishing – the PK724S also is capable for salmon and steelhead fishing out of a kayak. You could drift/hardware/float fish from a kayak and it is especially solid as a ‘twitching rod’ for coho and pink (humpy) salmon. The possibilities are endless with the PK724S, it’s a true “in-between” rod that will fish well in so many cases.

You will find that these are some of the most sensitive, strong and technically diverse kayak rods ever built. But if you’re looking for even more power – you might be interested in our composite Kayak models (read on below)

The composite models are made from our Tri-Flex composite blanks. These rods are built with lots of power, but maintain a great bend on fish. Strength is the name of the game here combined with raw durability and high-end performance.

paco kayak rod lamiglasThe PK7020S has the power needed for saltwater and inshore fishing. It has a tip with action that fits many techniques, just enough softness but with powerful quick response. Great for tossing jigs or bottom jigging for tautog. Throw poppers to Stripers or retrieve plugs quickly.

This rod is an excellent inshore kayak rod choice that allows the angler a lot of control over their fish while remaining in the 10-20 lb line class.

the PK7030S is one of the most dynamic saltwater rods in the world, equally adept at Inshore, Offshore and everything else you may throw at it, it’s built for 15-30 lb line class and has the capability of moving powerful fish of so many species/types. Tossing bait, swimbaits, poppers and plugs for line-screaming fish in the salt is a total reality now. Very popular with Striper anglers and capable of stronger saltwater fish.

The sole conventiokayak rod guidesnal model, the PK7040C, is an absolute powerhouse kayak rod. Anglers fishing for sturgeon and big catfish will love this powerful rod that lifts with a vengeance. Saltwater anglers have a 7 foot option with loads of backbone and durability. This is a composite “bait-casting” rod to be reckoned with that will lift larger fish and baits. Popular choice for three-way live bait for big Striped bass. Great for bottom fishing lingcod and rockfish with heavier jigs out of a kayak.

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The ‘Paco’ Series Kayak Rods were designed by ‘Paco’ Ernandez and are what the Kayak world has been needing in spec/blank and quality. The shorter rear-grip affords more leverage on the fish in tight kayak confines.

Whether you’re doing quiet, peaceful trips on a placid lake or braving the salt flats for big fish, you’ll find these kayak fishing rods do an excellent job. Built for a lifetime of kayak fishing use and crafted with care.

Casting Length Pieces Lure Weight Line Weight Action Purchase
PK 722 S 7′2" 1 1/8 - 3/8 4 - 10 Fast Buy Now
PK 723 S 7′2″ 1 1/4 - 1/2 6 – 15 Fast Buy Now
PK 724 S 7′2" 1 3/8 - 3/4 8 - 17 Fast Buy Now
PK 7020 S 7′0″ 1 1 - 3 10 – 20 Fast Buy Now
PK 7030 S 7′0" 1 1 - 6 15 - 30 Fast Buy Now
PK 7040 C 7′0″ 1 2 - 8 20 - 40 Fast Buy Now