Kokanee & Trout Trolling

kokanee trout trolling

This category of Lamiglas freshwater rods is pointed at those anglers looking for light but dependable performance. Trolling kokanee and trout is hugely popular across the USA and watching a takedown on a light action trolling rod is an exciting experience. Delve into our dynamic selection of ultra light casting/trolling models and you’ll find a wide variety.

The Kokanee craze is a not a passing fad, it’s one of the best things available to anglers for multiple reasons. Kokanee fishing satisfies loads of anglers – catching chrome bullet fish in freshwater lakes and reservoirs is a favorite activity for good reason.

Kokanee can range largely in size, many are 10 – 16 inches, but some exceed that. Few Kokanee exceed 3 pounds but there are those trophies available in certain lakes.

Kokanee are landlocked salmon, meaning they share the same makeup of ocean-going salmon, but spend their whole life in freshwater. These fish can be sockeye, coho or chinook, but most often “Kokanee” are sockeye.

Kokanee Rods

These fish are notorious for having “soft mouths.” Combine that with the way Kokanee thrash around when hooked and you have a recipe for fish that have the ability to spit the hook easily. The right rods must be limber enough to give to the “thrash” of the fish and not pull back too hard against the lip with the hook. They also must load into a down-rigger if using one. Let’s take a look at all of the options Lamiglas currently offers for Kokanee Rods.

CG80GH | Classic Glass w/ Graphite Handlecg80gh lake tahoe kokanee

6-10 lb line – Fiberglass with Graphite Handle – 8′

kokanee rod cg80ghThis Kokanee rod is capable of a lot! It is 8′ long which is perfect for running out the sides of your boat. It’s got a tip with tons of play in it, very “whippy” where it can fish for lighter fish. It also happens to have impressive backbone that allows you to move bigger Kokanee & trout, or even ocean-run sockeye.

The graphite handle looks modern and impressive. These handles are also very easy to clean and work perfect in the rod holder. The backbone being stronger than most other Kokanee rods, it is a great option especially when size of fish can vary. Buy Online

CG70DRClassic Glass w/ Cork Handle

4-10 lb line – Fiberglass with Cork Handle – 7′cg70dr

The CG70DR is one of the best selling kokanee rods of all-time. The reasons are simple. It is affordable and has the perfect action for putting more fish in the boat. With a fiberglass blank that produces perfect tip play, it also is amazing in the downrigger. Hook smaller kokanee or land bigger trout due to the smooth even backbone. The CG70DR is a classic that never disappoints. Buy Online

FC76UL | Honey Colored Fiberglass USA-Made

honey yellow fiberglass lamiglas kokanee


4-8 lb line – A 1-piece fiberglass rod with honey colored blank. 7’6

This is an absolute classic from Lamiglas. Made from our traditional style honey glass blanks, it has a slow action and very light feel. It’s perfect for trolling light gear like spinners for small trout and kokanee. USA-Made with vintage styling, cork handle and exceptional feel. Buy Online

XCC762UL-GH | “Kokanee-Kid” USA-Madekokanee kid rod

4-10 lb line – 1-piece composite (fiberglass/graphite) rod with beautiful gloss black finish & graphite handle. 7’6

The “Kokanee-Kid” XCC762UL-GH is a standout USA-made rod. It is built from a composite of fiberglass and graphite. The rod has stunning looks with a graphite handle matched up to a gloss coated-black finish accented by high quality chrome guides.

This rod has no problem being placed in the downrigger, but is also totally capable of top-lining trolling gear. Takedowns look amazing on the Kokanee-Kid rod.

The rod is durable yet light in the hand and is truly one of the best kokanee rods available. The handle is easy to put in the rod holder and take out when a kokanee slams your presentation. It cleans up nicely after bait use and looks professional. Buy Online

CGR762UL | “The Red Rod” w/ Cork Handle

4-8 lb line – 2-piece fiberglass rod with red finish. 7’6red lamiglas kokanee rod

In rod lockers, rod holders and down-riggers country-wide, this Kokanee and trout trolling rod is popular. First of all, it makes a visual statement on the water. Next, the action of the fiberglass works great on takedowns and while reeling in fish. At 7’6 it works out the sides or the back of the boat, and bends parabolically to the down-rigger. 4-8 lb line rating is squarely in the classic line range, can also except braid of a slightly higher rating. Buy Online

Note : Also comes in pink finish – CGR762ULP  Buy Online

CGR802L | “The White Rod” w/ Cork Handle

2-8 lb line – 2-piece fiberglass rod with white finish and red trim. 8′lamiglas white kokanee rod

Long and limber Kokanee and trout trolling rod. Perfect for the down-rigger or top-lining. Its a light fiberglass blank that will hold its own against small-mid size Kokes. Lighter powered rod than the CG80GH and with a recognizable white finish. Buy Online

LX702ULC | X-11 Light Action Kokanee & Trout Trolling Rod

x11 trolling rod

2-8 lb line – 2-piece graphite rod with merlot finish, cork handles and chrome guides 7′

A graphite trolling rod from the X-11 series that has the perfect graphite action for trout and kokanee trolling. Light power and moderate action makes it responsive and limber to bites. Able to hold kokanee trolling gear while retaining a very light feel. Perfect for top-lining. Buy Online

ultralight-rod-handles (1)
Casting Length Pieces Lure Weight Line Weight Handle Action Power Purchase
LX 702 ULC 7′ 2 1/8 – 1/2 2 – 8 1 Mod/Fast Ultra Light Buy Now
CG 70 DR 7′ 2 1/16 – 1/4 4 – 10 2 Mod Light Buy Now
FC 76 UL 7′ 6″ 1 1/16 – 1/4 4 – 8 6 Slow Ultra Light Buy Now
XCC 762 UL-GH 7′ 6″ 1 n/a 4 – 10 n/a Moderate Ultra Light Buy Now
CGR 762 L 7′ 6″ 2 1/8 – 1/4 4 – 8 5 Mod Light Buy Now
GC 792 UL 7′ 9″ 2 1/8 – 1/4 4 – 8 4 Mod Ultra Light Buy Now
CGR 802 L 8′ 2 1/16 – 1/4 2 – 8 7 Mod Light Buy Now
CG 80 GH 8′ 2 1/4 – 3/4 6 – 10 n/a Mod Med-Light Buy Now