Freshwater Rods

x-11 trout

Freshwater spinning and casting rods for trout, crappie, walleye, catfish and more.

Whether you’re detecting the breath-like bite of a deepwater walleye or plowing the lake for trout, Lamiglas has been there…thousands of times! There’s a remarkable world of fishing to enjoy and we’ve learned most of it right along with our customers. Like lobbing chicken parts for catfish or trolling a tiny spoon across the vast expanse of a highland reservoir. It’s taken decades of painstaking development but the proof comes from Lamiglas owners, tens of thousands of enthusiastic anglers who choose Lamiglas because they get more from their time on-the-water. It’s the product of the Lamiglas formula, balanced tried-and-true actions and premium materials that transform the sport of fishing into a wonderland of fishing opportunity. So take your pick trout, catfish, shad or panfish, you won’t be disappointed but you’ll be enlightened — one fish at a time.