lamiglas pro staffThese people could fish any brand of rod they want… They choose Lamiglas.

On tour, while guiding and those rare occasions when they’re on their home water with friends and family, if there’s a rod in their hand (and there usually is), it’s a Lamiglas. They’ve all got their reasons. For some, it’s the crisp, well-defined actions. Others love the diversity of our lineups. Still others find solace in knowing that with so many Lamiglas rods to choose from, the right rod for the challenge is always close at hand.The reasons are different, but the results are the sajosiah darr steelhead fishingme. Lamiglas Pros all have the confidence it takes to succeed.

You don’t achieve stats that impressive by relying on luck. That’s why the pros always rely on Lamiglas.

Pro-Staffers are chosen from our Guide Staff and Field Staff who have put in time promoting and using Lamiglas products. A Pro-Staffer is not only a great angler with technical ability, but also possesses the ability to teach and educate other anglers on how to be successful on the water. They are top resources for our rod decisions and have a big say in what happens in rod design.

We do not take applications for Pro-Staff

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Field Staff

jared walker lamiglasWe have opportunities for Field Staff based on promotion of our rods & brand. Field Staff is made up of anglers who have various promotional outlets. Many are guides, writers, videographers, photographers – and a host of other abilities.

We usually select Field Staff from the most proactive – people can report what type of promotion they are doing of Lamiglas products to the page listed below.

You’re encouraged to list any reports of promotion activity even if it is not listed below. Include your contact information.


To apply for Field Staff – Create a resume listing your marketing/promotion outlets, include photos/video or other related links.

Send to :

Lamiglas Guide Program

If you’d like to apply for the Guide Program you can request our guide packet by emailing

Guides can apply for direct discounts and accessories at

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