Fishing Rods

g1000 pro fly rod

Fly Rods

Searching for perfection? Look no further than Lamiglas. We’ve gone to extensive lengths to design the perfect marriage of brawn and brains. All the attributes you desire are here and ready to join you wherever your adventures are headed.

With over a dozen exceptional models to choose from, you don’t have to make compromises. Suit your casting style and fishing conditions perfectly with our wide range of rod actions. Each and every Lamiglas fly rod is a testament to our commitment of exacting performance and unparalleled quality.

salmon rod bending on a big fish

Salmon and Steelhead Rods

Salmon and steelhead angling is about as technically-diverse as you can get. Pick any mile-long stretch of river and there’s just cause for having a dozen different rods on- board to fish it effectively. Hence, the reason Lamiglas crafts more technique-specific rods than any other manufacturer.

Jig, drift, back-bounce, troll, hover, back-troll, throw spinners, boondog, side-drift, pull plugs, side plane, mooch, etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera. Yeah, we’ve got specialized rods to do that. But we’re also realists, understanding that when the rods in your garage start taking precedence over the food in your fridge, people will begin to ask questions.

smallmouth fishing

Bass Rods

You can’t control the weather, and it’s the weather that controls bass. Yet every day on the water begins with expectations. Whether simple goals, like finding a fish or two, or lofty ones, like finding five better fish than 100 of the best anglers in the country, Lamiglas provides the tools to overcome any challenge Mother Nature offers.

With a tactically precise blend of sensitivity, strength and feather-light feel, Lamiglas produces dozens of models expressly designed for your style of fishing. Whether it’s a long, precise pitch of a 1/4th ounce jig along a dock, flippin’ through heavy cover, launching a crankbait into the next zip code or feeling every contour of the bottom with a worm rig Lamiglas has a rod to match.


Freshwater Rods

Whether you’re detecting the breath-like bite of a deepwater walleye or plowing the lake for trout, Lamiglas has been there…thousands of times! There’s a remarkable world of fishing to enjoy and we’ve learned most of it right along with our customers. Like lobbing chicken parts for catfish or trolling a tiny spoon across the vast expanse of a highland reservoir.

It’s taken decades of painstaking development but the proof comes from Lamiglas owners, tens of thousands of enthusiastic anglers who choose Lamiglas because they get more from their time on-the-water.

Duzzi Fish

Saltwater Rods


The Salt is demanding on equipment and anglers alike. Saltwater angling requires the right action on a strength level that many other rods will never require. Whether you jig, troll, live bait or swimbait fish – there are excellent options in Lamiglas Saltwater lineup.