The Northwest’s #1 Salmon Rod!

Today we’re discussing the XCC934 (Part of the Certified Pro Kwik Series or “Kenai Kwik.”) Over the years it has quickly gained a name for itself as the Northwest’s number one trolling rod. Countless guides and dedicated fishermen rely on these rods day-in and day-out for trolling success.


Construction: Composite of Graphite & Fiberglass

randy wells lamiglas xcc
Randy Wells uses his 934’s on the Downrigger

Length: 9’3 (2 Piece Rod 50/50 split)

Line Rating: 15-30 lb

Lure Rating: 1-8 oz.

Action: Moderate

Power: Heavy

Handle: Graphite (XCC934GH) or Cork (XCC934) – GH stands for “graphite handle” on all Lamiglas rods.

salmon trolling rod lamiglas 934

Handmade in the USA

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

xcc 1064 cork handle salmon rod
(Cork handle shown from XCC1064 model)

The XCC934 has established itself as the ultimate salmon trolling rod for salt or river. Built from a composite of fiberglass and graphite, it features the perfect fiberglass action for trolling and the backbone needed to turn powerful fish! The fiberglass in the blank allows amazing tip action while the high-modulus graphite provides the power you need to fight a big fish in a fast current. These are tapered together to form a rod that excels on the water.

With a line-rating of 15-30 and a lure rating of 1- 8 oz, these rods are built to handle heavier-lead fisheries with ease. The moderate action is perfect for a flasher and herring setup – Springer’s, Summer and Fall Chinook beware the XCC934!

john klar salmon xcc lamiglas
John Klar netting a clients fish.

Lamiglas Pro-Staffer John Klar finds a lot of use for the XCC934GH : “I use it for a couple different things, as a shorter trolling rod for the estuaries.” (He runs the XCC934GH’s off the back of the boat and runs XCC1064GH’s off the sides)  “I also use it pulling Kwikfish out the sides of the boat in higher water.” John even sometimes trolls Stripers with the XCC934GH! “It’s a very versatile rod.”

Many people also bobber fish for chinook with the XCC934. When using heavier floats and big bait presentations (think Oregon Coast tidewater), the XCC934 shines as a composite, heavy chinook float rod. If you need a little more length out of your chinook bobber rod, the XCC1064GH features the same feel and action in a 10’6 rod.

Features Fuji reel seats and the Fuji Concept Guide System – premium components for a high-end rod.

Available in both cork and graphite handles, the Certified Pro Kwik (Kenai Kwik) XCC934 makes salmon fishing feel the way it should. The cork handle rod comes with a “dumbell” cap as shown above while the graphite handle comes with a standard graphite butt.

The XCC934 is the one of the most popular of the series, there are many other standout Certified Pro Kwik Series rods available. For instance, the XCC1064GH  is rated the same as the XCC934 in terms of line and lure rating, but it is 10 feet 6 inches long – perfect for increasing the spread of your trolling setup.

“If you want one salmon rod that is capable of handling 99% of the salmon fishing techniques the Columbia River has to offer, you can’t go wrong with the XCC 934. Definitely the best all around salmon rod on the market!” – Marlin LeFever: Fishing Addicts NW

Join the myriad of fishermen who rely on these rods for salmon success!

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Written by Lucas Holmgren

josiah darr xcc
Pro Staffer Josiah Darr putting the wood to a fish on the 934!