Lamiglas Infinity ISS92MS – Versatile Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rod

At Lamiglas, we’ve developed countless models over the years built for technique specific fisheries. In a perfect world, all fishermen would have a rod for each technique, but sometimes that is not realistic. Sometimes we as anglers need to get maximum performance out of one or two rods. Especially if that is all we are bringing on a fishing trip. In those cases certain rod designs stand out.

infinity lamiglas steelhead rod
Photo Courtesy of Jordan Taylor

Today we’ll be discussing the Lamiglas Infinity 9’2 Medium Spin. (ISS92MS)

Spinning rods are an essential tool in a salmon/steelheaders arsenal. For certain applications such as float fishing and side drifting, spinning reels are often preferred. The Infinity 9’2 MS is just at home bobber-dogging as it is pitching a spinner, or float fishing for steelhead. Many anglers use it to side-drift or even to drift fish from the bank.

The ISS92MS is a standout multi-purpose spinning rod. At 9 feet 2 inches, it’s right at the length that many fishermen find comfortable for many uses. The line rating of 8 – 15 lb test stays within the lighter range of rods, while offering enough backbone to subdue powerful fish. The ISS92MS is built with a fast action taper, which allows for quick response to the bite. Built from premium graphite, the ISS92MS offers the sensitivity needed for drift and bait fishing.

steelhead sandy river lamiglas
A hot chromer on the 9’2 Infinity MS

Lamiglas Pro-Staffer Brandon Glass uses the Infinity 9’2 MS in a few different fisheries. He primarily guides with it using the ISS 92 MS to bobber-dog for steelhead. The fast action and strong backbone works well for turning big fish on some of Brandon’s favorite Oregon and Washington rivers.

Brandon also twitches jigs for coho on the ISS 9’2 MS! A lot of people think of shorter one-piece models when it comes to twitching. Brandon found that the longer ISS 9’2 MS allowed his clients the casting distance they needed, along with a fast enough tip to give a great twitching jig action!

Brandon Glass also recommends the rod for casting spinners or for drift fishing with a spinning-reel. “It’s really a great all-purpose rod for steelhead and coho, we’ll even be taking them down to Astoria this year to twitch with.” (Twitching at Bouy Ten? This we have to see!)

He has even landed a 25 lb chinook on the ISS 9’2 MS!

“Pretty fast tip to it, not ultra fast. Perfect for my clients.”

infinity lamiglas

The Infinity Series comes in a number of models to serve many purposes. This particular model just happens to fit many needs. Check out the ISS92MS today at your local dealer!

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Written by Lucas Holmgren

brandon glass lamiglas steelhead
Brandon keeps an arsenal of 9’2 MS rods for his clients.