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black salt lamiglasAn amazing American-Made 1-piece spinning option. The Black Salt was initially designed to target Florida inshore saltwater fisheries like redfish and tarpon but has quickly been adapted by many other lake/river fisheries like smallmouth bass, catfish and coho salmon as well.

One-Piece Spinning Rods Made in USA

Anglers are drawn to the attractive design and impressive fishability of the Black Salt. The actions of the rods are “fast”, but definitely not extra-fast – perfect for most techniques  with a fun, powerful bend. Lots of tip action in these rods allow cast ability and responsiveness to bites. Bass anglers looking for spinning rods with a softer tip will find the Black Salt fits their needs perfectly. Saltwater anglers who need a spinning rod with soft tip action and strong backbone have their solution.

Strong Construction | Elegant Look

kayak fishing lamiglas black salt
Mark Naumovitz fishes the Black Salt out of his Kayak

The Black Salt has a graphite handle for optimal grip and modern look. The graphite handle has a weave that is easy to hold in any weather condition, but is also very durable for heavy use. The reel seats are built for comfort and durability. Foregrips on the heavier models allow lots of leverage on fish.

The lighter Black Salt models feature an uncoated polished graphite blank for extreme sensitivity. The three heaviest models feature a gloss coating around the blanks for ultimate power and durability. Let’s take a look at each model individually:

A Dynamic Lineup of Spinning Rods

BS722S 4-10lb | This is the ultimate light-tackle spinning rod. With tip action and light feel that can cast light jigs, baits and lures to small species, it will still handle a hot fish that’s pulling drag. Perfect for those fishing light tackle open water for bass, small-medium trout, crappie or the lightest inshore fisheries. Works as a drop-shot option.

“I fish smallmouth with the BS722S in open water and have even landed a 20lb chinook salmon on it! A definite favorite for many purposes!” – The Author – (Lucas Holmgren)

lamiglas black salt bass fishing lucas
The author fishing weightless Senko’s with the BS723S

BS723S & BS773S 6-15lb | Casts light baits with ease while having a beautiful bend that plays fish to the bank. Smallmouth bass anglers will love these rod for their uber-sensitive feel and responsive action. Still definitely a light tackle rod, but with a capable and fun blank that spans the gap between light and medium light.

black salt lamiglasBS724S & BS774S 8-17lb | Sensitive but with a powerful backbone that is capable of turning powerful fish. These rods are loved by inshore anglers fishing redfish or stripers and also by smallmouth/largemouth bass anglers who need a sensitive spinning rod with playable tip. It’s also been adapted by many coho (silver) salmon anglers as a powerful twitching rod when they need a “twitch” option with tons of backbone. Can cast 1/2 ounce jigs with ease. One of the most dynamic and capable rod options on the market today.

taug lamiglas
Tom Fucini targeting Taug with the BS725S

BS725S & BS775S 10-20lb | Featuring gloss blanks and EVA foam fore-grips, these rods work the salt with ease. Very cast-able yet powerful with a sensitive, softer tip for Tautog (Blackfish) or live-bait fishing. Softer tip than most saltwater rods.

“The sensitive tip of the BS725S allows you to feel the subtle strikes of Tautog when they take the jig. The backbone of the rod allows you to pry them from out of structure.” – Lamiglas Field Staff Tom Fucini

black salt lamiglasBS806Tarpon 15-40lb | An 8′ rod built to handle the line-burning tarpon. If you need a powerful rod that is capable of launching heavier lures to big fish, the BS806Tarpon is a perfect solution. Plenty of backbone but again, there is suitable tip play with this rod to allow live bait fishing or work plugs. Also a great jetty rod for rock-fish, lingcod or casting to stripers.

A Top Performer for Serious Anglers

From the astounding light-tackle 4-10 rod to the 8 foot tarpon option, the Black Salt series will impress from the showroom, to the initial “shake” and finally to landing that first trophy!

Hand-crafted in the USA featuring a Limited Lifetime Warranty to protect you against defect.

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