Go Glass – ‘SUPER G’ Fiberglass Bait & Troll Lamiglas

‘Go Glass’ – The Super G from Lamiglas

Troll, Bait, Downrigger, Plug.

super g

Fiberglass 1 and 2 piece casting rods built for strong, smooth consistent performance on the water.

The Super G – A development of Fiberglass rod building with new powerful fiberglass materials designed for decades of fishing use. Steady, consistent bend on fish for techniques that require forgiving fiberglass backbone with enough lifting ability to move big fish.

super g lamiglas4 models – Limited Lifetime Warranty

BSG802GH – 8′ 1 piece| 10-20 lb – Steelhead/Salmon Plug & Downrigger

BSG803GH – 8′ 1 piece| 15-30 lb – Salmon Plug/Troll/Downrigger – Catfish Live Bait

BSG904GH – 9′ 2 pieces| 15-30 lb – Salmon Troll – Herring, Flasher, Superbait, Downrigger

BSG1065GH – 10’6 2 pieces| 15-40 lb – Salmon Troll – Herring, Flasher, Superbait

These are rods that will survive rough fishing conditions and continue to perform!

BSG802GH : Works plugs amazingly. With a tip that reads well and allows a plug to work, it has the action to keep fish on the hook after they’ve hammered your plug. Good parabolic action for steelhead, coho and pinks. Also incredible for sockeye down-rigger fishing.

BSG803GH : The ideal Kwikfish rod for spring, summer and fall chinook. Big power yet big action. We’ve tested them to the limits on big sturgeon and they held up perfect. This rod applies to many techniques – diver and bait, plugs, even live-bait for catfish.

BSG904GH : Salmon trolling to the MAX. The BSG904GH is a 9′ option aimed at handling many salmon techniques. Perfect bend and tip action for when a fish is munching on your herring behind a flasher. Still can work heavier plugs in big current and even pull a 360 flasher with a Super-Bait. Put it in the down-rigger and you can smash big kings all day.

BSG1065GH : Long, mean and powerful. This rod is 10’6 and can handle heavy lead and big fish. Troll herring and flasher or 360 flashers and superbaits with ease. Even load it up with 20 ounces of lead and you can still fish it. A bow rod that’ll bend with the bite!

All of these rods are powerhouse performers that are incredibly durable. The action of glass is not like your typical rod – it is an action that gives to the fish while still keeping excellent tension. This can be a huge advantage on bait or plug fishing.

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