Float Fishing & Bobber-Doggin’ Rods

Float Fishing & Bobber-Doggin’ Rod Options

Lamiglas’ rod lineups are an ever developing trend that matches the needs of anglers.

In the steelhead and salmon world, float fishing is hugely popular. Suspending a bait off of the bottom allows a fish to visually prepare themselves for the bait and often encourages many biters to move.

Bobber-dogging utilizes a float but will move a bait down-river while ticking your weight across the bottom. This presents baits a little-bit different and has different bites.

Most good float rods will work universally for float fishing and bobber-dogging – but some can specialize a little.

Lamiglas has numerous float fishing & bobber-dogging options for steelhead and salmon. We’ll discuss a few below:

X-11 Series (Available in cork or graphite handle)

x-11 float rodsLX106MLS – X-11 series is our most affordable steelhead float option. At 10’6 it has excellent length for mending a float and casts float setups with ease. With a line rating of 6-10 it’s ideal for steelhead or smaller salmon species.

LX96MS – Ultra-versatile steelhead stick. At 9’6 it’ll float, bobber-dog or throw spinners with ease. Really if you just need one spinning rod for steelhead, this is about the perfect choice. 8-12.

LX90MHS – The LX90MHS is a multi-purpose float fishing tool for both salmon or steelhead. As a medium-heavy with line-rating f 10-20 its capable of steelhead, coho, chinook and many other species. Can fish floats around 1 oz very well. Will also cover a multitude of other techniques.

LX86MS – Just need a basic rod that will do a little bit of everything? You can fish floats, bobber-dog, drift fish, spinner fish, cast bait rigs, throw plastics to bass, side-drift…you get the picture. 8’6 is that classic, easy to transport length in a 2 piece. 8-12 line rating will do steelhead, bass, trout, catfish…it’ll do many techniques well.

Redline Series

redline seriesHS911MS – Steelhead float rod with limber bend. Excellent for casting lighter floats, durable for packing through the woods. The Redline series also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 9’11 with line rating of 8-12.

HS94MS – At 9’4 its a multi-purpose steelhead/salmon rod with solid backbone. More power than the 9’11 due to the nature of the taper. Can bobber-dog well due to a faster action, still with a softer tip feel. Works great for casting spinners as well. If you need one rod for many purposes including float fishing, this is a good one!

HS94HS – A hard-working spinning float fishing option for chinook salmon. 12-30 line-rating and 9’4 length so you can set hooks hard into chinook. It still has a nice tip action even though it’s a strong rod though. This is perfect for spring or fall chinook – spinning rod ready for chinook float fishing!

G1000 Pro Series

g1000 proGP106MLS – Incredible USA-Made feel in a high-performance steelhead float rod. The GP106MLS has a light feel with double-locking reel seat. Though it feels like a lighter action steelhead rod, it has surprising backbone and an excellent bend for playing a hot fish. A top-tier USA-made float rod at a reasonable pricing. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

GP96LS – Supremely balanced and sensitive. This amazing 9’6 spinning rod can float fish, side-drift or work as a bobber-doggin’ rod. Jack Glass had this to say about his:jack glass lamiglas g1000 pro

“The new G1000 had all the backbone I needed for bobber-dogging and felt really lightweight in the hand.”

GP106MHC – Excellent medium-heavy float option for fishing floats for chinook. At 10’6 it’s long and ready to rock, great power with excellent bend. As a casting rod it meets the needs of the chinook fisherman who is fishing heavier floats. Also good for Steelhead anglers who like to use floats 1/2 oz or more.

Infinity Series

ISS106MSinfinity series lamiglas – High-end graphite float rod built to present a float expertly. 10’6 with 8-12 line rating. Steelhead float rod that is sensitive and strong but forgiving for hard-fighting steelhead.

Infinity Series is USA Made with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

ISS98JS – Light and parabolic float rod. 9’8 length with 6-15 line rating. Works excellent for light steelhead floats and light spinners. Lots of sensitivity in this rod as well.

Infinity Series is USA Made with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

SI Series

si series guide fishing

The SI series is our most high-end graphite rod we offer for steelheaders and salmon fishermen. SI106MS is the undisputed champion of the steelhead float fishing world. The SI98MS is the best bobber-dogging rod you can find.

Read about our amazing spinning options for float fishing and bobber-dogging steelhead in this article below.

Whether you fish the spinning or casting models – the SI series will amaze you.

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Are you interested in one of these rods? Check with your local fishing rod retailers or search online by their model number.