Fishing Rod Blanks

USA-Made Fishing Rod Blanks

Lamiglas fishing rod blanks are among the finest fishing rod blanks in the world. They are designed and engineered for maximum performance and quality. Our broad range of rod blanks cover so many fisheries, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a blank style we don’t make.

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blanks lamiglas Materials :

We use optimal materials to craft our needed actions. There are three primary material categories we use to describe our fishing rod blanks.

Graphite rod blanks are popular because they are typically lighter and more sensitive than other fishing rod blank materials. Graphite can create very castable rod blanks.

Fiberglass : Fiberglass typically has a more even, softer action which is ideal for certain techniques. Fiberglass has lots of durability and is popular for trolling, live-bait, downrigger and even fly techniques.

Composite: Mixture of fiberglass and graphite imparts a glass-like action but with the added sensitivity and light-weight feel of graphite.

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