Chinook Fishing Rods – Drift, Float, Plunk

Let’s talk chinook rods again.

We’ve discussed trolling rods a few times in our Lamiglas rod blog, but in this article we’ll be discussing the rods you’d bring to your favorite bank, or out of a boat on the smaller rivers. This is for the people throwing floats, drifting bait, casting spoons…we’ve got numerous options below.


The cream of the crop. The legendary SI. The rod you won’t ever forget.

Numerous statements like this could be made but the only way to know is to fish one. The SI series is well seated at the top of the steelhead heap, but the SI106MHC is a chinook bank anglers dream rod.

Powerful rod that is very light in the hand. Super-sensitive while being 10’6, meaning you can make those long drifts in deeper water, avoiding boulders and feeling every rock. The mod/fast action sets the hook perfectly into chinook jaws. This rod is one amazing drift rod with maneuverability and finesse feel, yet it’s got power and stability.

si series lamiglas rods

Not only ultra effective as a drift rod, the SI106MHC is perfect for fishing mid-size floats, anything from 3/8 to 1 1/2 oz. Casts floats way far and is very light to hold and to mend. Again, the mod/fast action is perfect for slamming home big hooks when your float drops.

This rod is effective for both salmon and bigger steelhead presentations. You will love the SI106MHC

Length : 10’6 – Line Rating : 10-20

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How did we find the perfect mix of sensitive finesse feel with brawny power? We’ll let you reap the benefits of this perfect marriage. The ISS92HC is that rod for the guy who wants the best, but wants to do many things with it.

infinity lamiglasIt’s fully capable of drifting eggs and sand-shrimp on a brisk fall morning, then strapping on a 2 oz float to serve up a vertical presentation. If you’re jumping in the drift-boat you could even back-bounce an ounce or two with the casting (ISS92HC) rod if you needed to, you’ll feel the bite no problem.

Sensitivity is key in many techniques, with the high-quality graphite blank construction its built to feel the lightest of taps, but has the backbone for big fish that are about to turn on you.

Even if you need it on the boat, the HC can troll a few ounces with a spinner, or sit on the hook with a Kwikfish. Though it’s meant a fantastic choice for the bank angler, it’s totally fishable in out of the boat bigger water.

If you’re the type that likes to throw big spinners at fresh migrating chinook, this rod will give good range and response. Swinging big spoons to intercept a ‘nook? The ISS92HC can handle 2/3 oz spoons well and will indicate the action well to your hand.

Infinity Series is a USA-Made Graphite rod. Both the casting (ISS92HC) and the spinning (ISS92HS) make for excellent chinook rods.

Length : 9’2 – Line Rating : 12-30 lb.

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10 foot 6 inches of straight up fish-moving power. The “1066” is capable of throwing weight out into a strong current and then hook-setting into a big fish when that bell goes off. Built out of a composite of fiberglass and graphite, it is ultra-strong and yet it still bends to fish when hooked up.

xcc series

If you need a chinook plunking rod that you can also strap heavy floats (2 – 4 oz.) onto and bobber-fish, this one will do it. Need to troll heavy weight? The 1066 has been known to troll heavy, even up to 20 ounces without an issue.

One of the best plunking rods available – get your gear ready and chuck it as far as you can!

Length : 10’6 Line Rating : 15-40 lb.

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The G1000 Pro Series is an all around USA-made standout rod. Based on legendary classics from Lamiglas, the G1000 Pro takes proven designs to the next level and then some. The GP90HC proves that you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s the rod for you bank guys that you can bring next time your buddy invites you out in his boat for coffee and anchor time.

DSC00321The GP90HC is sensitive and strong, well developed for the drift angler who wants to pound water and fish. It’s got a tip that responds very well to bites and hooksets, with plenty of lifting power. It works phenomenal for float fishing and even can do some lighter plunking. Double-locking exposed reel seat means you are set for grip and stability. A classic cork handle and beautiful blue trim is attractive against the polished graphite gray blank.
Length : 

Line-Rating : 12-25 lb.

If you decide to head out in the boat, you can troll a few ounces with this rod, back-bounce and hover or anchor with a wobbler or plug.

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 HS94HC & HS94HS – Guide Favorites

Powerhouse salmon rods built for every technique you can think of.redlinefishingrodkevin gray salmon redline hc

The Redline series is one of the most durable rods on the market today but it isn’t a broomstick. It’s a capable, great feeling rod with phenomenal action. It’s got a tip that is castable, reads well and the blank holds its own against big fish. The all black finish with red-trim looks striking on and off the river.

This rod is the one for the guy who needs a solid salmon rod that can handle multiple techniques. You can drift fish eggs, cast floats & or big spinners. You can even sit on anchor with Kwik-fish, troll bait or troll spinners with the casting model.

The Redline was meant for long days of hard fishing in rough conditions. You can depend on these rods day in and day out. More affordable than most while being a high quality stick with Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects.

Both the spinning and the casting model boast the same specs, either one being a great option for the bank. The casting rod is a great bank or boat option. The spinning model is ideal for bank fishing or casting floats while in a drift boat.

Length : 9’4

Line-Rating : 12-30 lb.

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(For a medium-heavy option that’ll still work for chinook check out the HS94MHC & HS94MHS)

HS106HC – Plunk, Heavy Float or Troll

redline rods lamiglas

The HS106HC is a 10’6 rod that will work on your heavier weight techniques. This rod can plunk a few ounces and hammer big chinook. You can cast big heavy floats with big heavy baits for big heavy fish! Going out in the boat? This is an amazing rod herring and flasher, or for Super-Baits. Also works great trolling spinners. 10’6 in length means you can get your presentation where you want it!

Length : 10’6

Line-Rating : 12-30 lb.

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“The Springer I inked today was 20# and it had my redline bent. Held up great. Was a good fight. Was really able to maneuver with ease on that rod. It works great for plunking. Very strong. It’s the 10’6 12-30 I believe. Love it.”

“I own several Lamiglas Rods everything from the Si Series to Redline. The Redline is an Amazing Rod at a very affordable price.”

– Jarrod Kirkley (RiverJunky)

LX86HC & LX86HS 

The Most Affordable Salmon Models We Make

Salmon anglers have relied olamix11 hcn 8’6 models for decades to bring the heat. Classic drift rods have long utilized these style of blanks for drifting eggs for chinook and coho salmon. These X-11 options are built to service multiple techniques with ease. Hang them out of a rod holder or pack them to your favorite honey hole. Whether you’re casting weights and baits or trolling a spinner, the X-11 series options do the job well.

The spinning model is a well-rounded salmon rod that’s equally suited for Alaska or Northern California. Bank anglers gravitate toward the spinning model for the ease of use. The casting model is all-purpose that drift fishes very well and crosses over into the boat rod world as well.

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Length : 8’6

Line-Rating : 12-25 lb.

Now available in Graphite Handle

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