Chinook Fishing Rods – Drift, Float, Plunk

Let’s talk chinook rods again. We’ve discussed trolling rods a few times in our Lamiglas rod blog, but in this article we’ll be discussing the rods you’d bring to your favorite bank, or out of a boat on the smaller rivers. This is for the people throwing floats, drifting bait, casting spoons…we’ve got numerous options […]

Line Rating, Power & Lure Rating Explained

Line-rating, power and lure rating are a staple of rod development for determining best practices when fishing a rod. They are not always a perfect science and vary from rod company to rod company. In this article we will explain the basics of the ratings and how they vary between styles of rods. Line-Rating Line rating […]

Kokanee Rods | Choosing the Best Rod

Kokanee rods are an integral part of the entire presentation that ensures success. Though many rods can be utilized, having a rod that is designed for the technique will make more takedowns happen, and keep more fish hooked. A limber kokanee rod removes the need for snubbers or rubber-bands and allows soft-mouthed kokanee to stay […]

Spring Chinook Fishing Rods

Our Spring Chinook rods cover every technique with best possible feel, highest durability and prime action. Below are a few of our many options to excel this season and beyond. XCC934GH & XCC1064GH – Trolling Champions The Kwik series is massively popular due to a composite blank that works perfect for herring & flasher, Super-Bait […]

Redline Chinook Salmon Options

The Lamiglas Redline Series boasts some of the most capable rods on the market at a comparatively low pricing. Built from highly durable graphite, they have the action needed for modern techniques but yet can handle hard fishing conditions and unpredictable fish. Chinook salmon are large, powerful and unyielding creatures. Some Chinook can exceed 50 […]

Bluewater | Jig, Troll, Live-Bait & Beyond!

The newest saltwater development from Lamiglas is a stunning offering, even at first glance. With an eye-catching blue finish that immediately draws attention, the Bluewater rods also feature dark-contrasting components that give this rod an attractive, yet workhorse look. It’s Not Just About Looks Every great fishing rod starts with a great blank. These Bluewater […]

Float Fishing & Bobber-Doggin’ Rods

Float Fishing & Bobber-Doggin’ Rod Options Lamiglas’ rod lineups are an ever developing trend that matches the needs of anglers. In the steelhead and salmon world, float fishing is hugely popular. Suspending a bait off of the bottom allows a fish to visually prepare themselves for the bait and often encourages many biters to move. […]

Incredible USA Made Spinning Rods | Black Salt

An amazing American-Made 1-piece spinning option. The Black Salt was initially designed to target Florida inshore saltwater fisheries like redfish and tarpon but has quickly been adapted by many other lake/river fisheries like smallmouth bass, catfish and coho salmon as well. One-Piece Spinning Rods Made in USA Anglers are drawn to the attractive design and […]

Why Great ‘Plug’ Rods Catch More Fish!

Great Lakes Pro-Staff Roger Hinchcliff with some straight talk on steelhead plugging rods. Plug fishing is an incredibly deadly technique from the rivers of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California all the way across to the Great Lakes. Rivers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and beyond are prime for plug fishing steelhead and salmon. Plug […]

Skagit & Cascade Rivers Open for Coho!

Skagit and Cascade Rivers Open to Coho and Gamefish; Sauk River Opens Up for Catch & Release FishingRead Regulations at Bottom of PageNorthern Washington anglers have felt the pressure of closures for some of the most popular fisheries they enjoy. Usually blessed with large runs of coho (silver) salmon, the year 2016 has seen a […]

Lamiglas for Life!

Article by Joe Knepper – Relentless Angling Growing up in Gresham Oregon in the late 80’s it wasn’t uncommon to see someone with rifles in the back window of their pickup truck, or a teenager riding home on his bike with a fresh Sandy river steelhead hanging off the handle bars. As far back as […]

Back and Better than Ever! The G1000 Pro

Two legendary Lamiglas lineups combined into one. The G1000 Pro A Legacy of Premium Fishing Rods – Reborn The Certified Pro series and the G1000 series were two of the most popular salmon & steelhead rod series of all time for Lamiglas. American-Made from high-quality graphite, there were a large range of actions, sizes and […]

Salmon Trolling Rods | Bouy 10 & Beyond

What is better than a furious takedown from a big, angry salmon?!!  Trolling for chinook (king) and coho (silver) salmon has long been one of the most popular boat techniques employed. Whether your method of trolling involves a down-rigger, diver or spreader bar and lead, the rods you use either minimize, or maximize your success. The best […]

Two New Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Spinning Rods

You requested – we answered. Two of our most popular inshore saltwater blanks have been released now in the TriFlex Graphite Inshore series. Cork handles and amazing composite blanks available 2017. Mike Roy of Reel Cast Charters explains why the TFX 7030 S (also available in TFX 7020 S) is the ultimate inshore spinning rod […]

U.S.A. made Kokanee & Trout Trolling Rod

Few rods will capture the kokanee and trout anglers attention like the “Kokanee Kid” Lamiglas XCC762UL-GH. An amazing design that utilizes both graphite and fiberglass, it also features a graphite handle for perfect rod-holder performance. In this video Lucas explains the many benefits to using this rod while trolling for kokanee. This was filmed on […]

Baitcaster for Spinner Fishing – ISS98JC

The Infinity Series is known for its telegraphic sensitivity and lightweight blank designs. Though the lineup offers everything from bouncers to twitching rods, we’ve found that one particular model works very well for casting spinners and spoons. The ISS98JC is an amazing design that offers great tip action and parabolic bend. Watch the video below […]

4 New PINK Lamiglas Fishing Rod Models!

We now offer the CGR762L Kokanee/Trout trolling rod in pink, in addition to 3 new X-11 salmon/steelhead models. Featuring a custom pink color selected by Lamiglas fans on our Facebook page – we’re bringing four new pink rods to the market. Choose from 4 unique models designed for success on the water. New X-11 Pink […]

3 Spinning Champions – Lamiglas SI Series

The Lamiglas SI Series is a steelheaders dream rod series. The Lamiglas SI series spans the range of steelhead techniques by offering 3 spinning models and 5 casting models. In this article, we will be examining the 3 spinning models and their distinct uses. MSRP $550 – Dealers Offer SI for Impressive Discounted Pricing. (View […]

The Northwest’s #1 Salmon Rod!

Today we’re discussing the XCC934 (Part of the Certified Pro Kwik Series or “Kenai Kwik.”) Over the years it has quickly gained a name for itself as the Northwest’s number one trolling rod. Countless guides and dedicated fishermen rely on these rods day-in and day-out for trolling success. SPECS: Construction: Composite of Graphite & Fiberglass […]

Online Blowout Sale

Looking for an American Made salmon/steelhead rod? We’re clearing out our Limited Edition Casting/Spinning rods. These are a fantastic value on a high-quality graphite fishing rod. Available HERE. All black, graphite Limited Edition Rod with composite handle. Made in America. Very durable construction. Built for salmon & steelhead fisheries. Non-Warranty (We still will service these […]

New Apparel Available!

Brand new Lamiglas hats, sweatshirts and tee-shirts are available today from the Lamiglas Apparel Store! Our easy-to-order online store offers FREE shipping over $75 and features many styles of tee shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Fish With Confidence in your new Lamiglas apparel! Below are just a few of the selections we offer.       […]

New Walk-In Warranty Hours

In order to better serve our warranty customers and improve our turn-around time, we have decided to adopt a new walk-in warranty schedule. This schedule starts 9/28/2015 and continues through year end. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am – 4 pm Wednesday: CLOSED to walk-ins. (Weekends are closed) We will still accept rod drop-offs […]

Lamiglas Infinity Series

Introducing the new Lamiglas Infinity Series! – 13 New Models! ISS98JS Spinning 1/4 to 5/8 lure 6-15# test 9′ 8″ ISS106MS Spinning 1/4-1/2 oz 8-12# Test 10′ 6″ ISS92MS Spinning 1/4-5/8 oz 8-15# Test 9′ 2″ ISS92HS Spinning 1/2-2oz 12-30# 9′ 2″ ISS106MHC Casting 1/4-3/4oz 10-20# 10′ 6″ ISS92MHC Casting 1/4-3/4 oz 10-20# 9′ 2″ […]

New Blog!

With the launch of the new Website and upcoming store, we decided it was a good idea to launch a new blog!  Once we are satisfied with the new look of we will be posting here with the latest products and techniques for your viewing pleasure.  Also check our Facebook page for other updates!-The […]

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