Fishing Rod Blanks

Fishing Rod Blanks

Lamiglas fishing rod blanks are among the finest in the world. They are designed and engineered for maximum performance, response and fish-ability. Our broad range of blanks covers so many fisheries, you’ll be hard-pressed to find styles we don’t make.

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We use a wide range of finely chosen materials to craft our needed actions, but there are three primary material categories we use to describe our rod blanks:

Graphite :
Graphite rods are engineered by Lamiglas for their sensitivity, power and responsiveness.

Fiberglass : Fiberglass has a softer, more forgiving action than graphite and is favored by many for plug/crankbait, trolling, heavy-surf, and some fly techniques.

Composite : Mixture of fiberglass and graphite imparts a glass-like action but with the added sensitivity and light-weight feel of graphite.

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