Back and Better than Ever! The G1000 Pro

Two legendary Lamiglas lineups combined into one.

The G1000 Pro

A Legacy of Premium Fishing Rods – Reborn

USA Made and Designed

The Certified Pro series and the G1000 series were two of the most popular salmon & steelhead rod series of all time for Lamiglas. American-Made from high-quality graphite, there were a large range of actions, sizes and styles to choose from. Over the years people came to know the Certified Pro and G1000 name as standout performers on the water. The durability and sensitivity allowed technique-specific mastery of the river, and many of the popular models gained popularity even as light surf rods, trout rods, catfish rods , bass rods, walleye rods, carp rods etc.

After discontinuing both series to make way for new graphite developments, we revisited both series in order to bring them back out with new improvements.

We decided to combine the most popular models from the Cert Pro and G1000 series into the new and improved G1000 Pro.


USA-Made Fishing Rod

The G1000 Pro starts from the ground up with quality components and materials. A fishing rod built for salmon and steelhead must have a solid balance of precision and durability. The G1000 Pro does just that.

From the classic shaped cork handles that grip easily to the new exposed reel seats on both casting & spinning models, these rods look classic & modern all at the same time. Fuji-built double-lock reel seats hold your reel firmly in place, while adjusting easily to the size of the reel.

DSC_1788There is a subtle, but beautiful blue trim applied on the guide wraps of these models. Though the blanks are graphite gray, the blue thread-wrap trim adds an attractive, light touch on these USA-made rods.

The main guide wraps are a dark gray that contrasts perfectly against the lighter graphite gray look. Silver labeling on the rod shows the Lamiglas logo, line rating and lure rating.

Choose from casting or spinning models in the series that are dynamically optimized for a number of fisheries and techniques. The look and feel is classic Lamiglas – updated to the newest generation of fishing rods.

Models Available

GP80MBC : 
A powerful rod that is ideal for back-bouncing applications, this blank was also very popular for trolling spinners or even some sturgeon fishing. Sensitive so that you can feel the lead touching the bottom but powerful for putting the wood to a big fish.

GP86MC, GP86MHC : Hugely popular throughout the years, these 8’6 casting rods built a reputation on being some of the most dynamic and versatile rods on the market. Whether in the hand as a drift rod or in the rod holder for drift-boat fishing, they are that ideal in-between length for both bank and boat. The medium is ideal for steelhead techniques or smaller salmon species. The medium-heavy spans the range between steelhead and chinook equally. Both of these rods are a great choice for a primary salmon & steelhead rod. The medium-heavy is probably one of the most dynamic rods in the entire lineup in terms of versatility.

g1000 pro lamiglas fishing rods
Choose from proven designs.

GP86MTC : With a line rating of 8-17 it’s the perfect mix between a medium and a medium-heavy. Lots of backbone is available in this rod, while still retaining a light enough action to cast lighter baits. Drift, spinner, plug…do it all with this well-loved model.

GP86HC, GP86XHC : Two powerhouse casting rods with one thing in mind – to get fish in the net! The GP86HC is based on the ultra-popular “Kenai Special” model which had the perfect blend of backbone and great tip play for multi-use salmon fishing. Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington anglers all found multiple uses for this famous design. The GP86XHC is a stout and fast action rod that is excellent for putting powerful leverage on a big fish and multiple boat techniques – based on the “Kenai King”

GP90HC : It’s hard to find a more versatile model than the GP90HC. At 9 foot it allows great line control from the bank and spread from the boat. Very popular as a bobber or drift rod, it also is an excellent trolling option too. This is an excellent all-around salmon option if you need a rod that does just about everything well.

GP96JC : Drift, spoon, spinner, float…this 6-15 line rated casting rod is a excellent choice for steelhead fishermen. Light and sleek with the exposed reel seat, it fits a low-profile bait-casting reel very well and casting with this rod feels amazing. The moderate bend in the blank allows enough whip to cast lighter baits far while maintaining sensitivity.

GP106MHC : It’s versatile, it’s tall, and it can put the hurt on a fish! This is the ultimate chinook bobber rod as the length allows easy line control/mending and the medium-heavy power has backbone to turn and fight fish. You could also hang this out the side of the boat for lighter trolling methods and get a great response from the mod/fast action.


GP86MS : For an all-around performer, the 8’6″ medium is a fantastic choice. 2 piece for easy packability, it casts easily and precisely with a solid medium action backbone that is very capable of steelhead, coho, pinks, chum, large trout and many freshwater species. Tip provides excellent feel and hookset will set firmly with the fast action (not too fast though.)

GP86MHS : A well balanced spinning rod with amazing feel, solid power but remains light in the hand for bank and boat casting. When you need a spinning rod that will fish with precision and power, the medium-heavy is an amazing option.

reel seats exposed lamiglas fuji
Double-lock reel seats on ALL models.

salmon fishing washingtonGP86HS : This rod has backbone for days, still has the finesse feel you want out of your spinning rod. When it comes to an all-around salmon spinning rod, the GP86HS will get it done and then some!

GP96LS : Amazing light action spinning rod that is sensitive, agile and ready to fish. Side-drifting fanatics will be all over this 9’6 6-10 model and if you’re on the bank casting a spinner, lighter float or light drift gear, the GP96LS will fit the job description perfectly.

GP96JS : A moderate bend in the blank makes it a great option for float fishing jigs or bait with braided line. The blank bends in a parabolic way that makes fighting a fish a great experience. Based off the extremely popular Certified Pro 9’6 JS.

GP106MLS : Incredible 10’6 float fishing option. Cast your float far and mend the line for best presentation, this rod makes those needs easily attainable. This rod has the perfect bend and response on the hook set to drive hooks home without ripping too fast. This is for the anglers who are serious about float fishing and want the best rod for the job.

Available FALL 2016

For questions regarding the series email

Whether you are a hobbyist who needs a USA-Made rod that will fish optimally, or a guide who needs a set of high-quality but durable sticks for his clients, the G1000 Pro makes an excellent choice.

The MSRP on these rods is $350 – which means through authorized Lamiglas dealers you should be able to find them below that price level – very affordable rods for being USA made and premium quality!

Email for information on the guide program.

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