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Lamiglas Outlet Store


Located at the front of our Woodland WA based Factory is our Lamiglas Factory Outlet Store.

This features a wide selection of various Lamiglas rods at discounted prices. This rod selection features discontinued rods, used rods, blemish rods or 2nd rods. Blanks will still be in good condition and the rods will still fish great. Sticker prices are discounted and further discounts may apply depending on current sale. There is no warranty associated with these rods, however we will repair/replace them at a reasonable rate.

We do not keep an inventory list online of the Outlet Store – email info@lamiglas.com and an outlet store rep will contact you.

If possible – provide these preferences.

1. Rod Length?
2. Cork or Graphite Handle?
3. High-end American made or more affordable option?
4. “Near-New” blemish or used?
5. Spinning Reel or Casting Reel?
6. How many ounces are you casting at most? If not casting – how much are you trolling etc?
7. 1 piece or 2 piece?
8. Any other rod preferences you may have.
If you’re unsure, just fill out any of the questions you know. After you’ve sent this over to us we’ll look into the best possible option for you. We’ll send over a short list of possible rods and prices.
None of our outlet store rods come with the official Limited Lifetime Warranty that our brand new rods come with, but we will always repair or replace ANY Lamiglas rod for a very reasonable charge. The rods in our outlet store may have visual blemishes or use but should fish great!
For brand new Lamiglas fishing rods look to one of our many trusted dealers.
lamiglas discount rods
Lamiglas Outlet Store Discount Rods

Types of Rods Available:


Saltwater (Inshore/Offshore)




Fly Rods

Various Blanks are available at highly discounted prices.

We also have clothing available in our Outlet Store

lamiglas rods

Email info@lamiglas.com if you have any questions regarding the store.

If you have a broken rod and you are looking for the lowest possible replacement cost – ask about our discount rods. We can provide a quote on a replacement discount rod.

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