At Lamiglas, Opportunities Always Overshadow Obstacles.

It’s been 66 years and we’re still casting our vision of fishing rod performance further and further. It was 1949 when Lamiglas set out to design a better fishing rod. In the beginning it was all about fiberglass. Over the years, Lamiglas brought innovation after innovation to the market: reflex technology, the lightweight revolution, co-polymer resins, high-performance graphite, multi-composite construction, titanium sensitivity tubes and the “Si” generation — just to name a few. We’ve continuously redefined the physics of rod design. And we’re just getting started. To every challenge, we provide an answer. And the answer is always, Yes!


A Performance-Driven, Honest Value American Company.
(Yes, there still is such a thing.)

Unfortunately, there aren’t many companies like Lamiglas left in the States… companies that haven’t forgotten that sometimes there’s more to running a business than just running profits through the roof.

Lamiglas is a unique organization that began over 66 years ago not far from our current location in Woodland, Washington. With the Pacific to the west, Cascade lakes and streams to the east and the Mighty Columbia to the south, angling opportunities abound close by. (And that’s a good thing with all the research and development going on around here.) But, while salmon and steelhead may be the primary focus of Northwest anglers, we’re all worldwide anglers at Lamiglas. We’re equally excited to throw poppers off Long Island for stripers… or flip frogs for bass on Okeechobee… or feed live bait to marlin in Costa Rica… or troll for trout in the Great Lakes. We do it all, and our pro-staff and professional guides are on the water every day testing and refining our rods to match new techniques. If it swims, we build a rod to catch it.

At Lamiglas, we consider people to be our greatest asset. Because only people can infuse creativity, insight and innovation. It’s a major reason that, once again, Lamiglas brings more new ideas to market than any other manufacturer in the industry.

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New Leadership. Continuing The Legacy.

In 2014, company founder and patriarch, Richard “Dick” Posey, retired after more than 50 years of leadership. Son, Tom Posey, has come aboard as President to continue the Lamiglas legacy. Tom, an avid sportsman himself, brings 25 years of business acumen to the Lamiglas Team.

The Lamiglas Team is committed to continuing Dick’s Legacy.  Dick’s initiatives included continued improvement in our manufacturing processes, producing the finest quality fishing rods and blanks, servicing our clients to the highest level and continuing our innovative and industry-leading rod and blank design. That has been the hallmark of Lamiglas for over 60 years, and it will continue.

In Memory of Dick Posey.

dick-posey-lamiglas-pictureLamiglas, Inc. Owner / CEO/ President and Sportfishing Industry icon, Richard L. Posey “Dick”, died in peace on Friday May 15, 2015 at his home in Vancouver, Washington. He spent a highly productive 88 years living true to his core principles of “Upward and Onward”, and “We Will Make it Work”.

The terms, “selfless, honorable and generous” are continuously used to describe Dick’s character. Rarely did he conduct his business and personal affairs with contracts or legal documents – all Dick required was a handshake. You could rest assured if you ever received one from him, the commitments would be honored in full.

Dick Posey had a profound influence on the Sportfishing Industry that spanned more than five decades. Dick was a lifelong active member and served on the board of the American Sportfishing Association (A.S.A.) along with countless Sportfishing advocacy groups and organizations throughout the country. Dick believed deeply in maintaining family values and the heritage of Angling. While he likely had IGFA records in his hands and caught countless personal trophies, you won’t see them in the record books or mounted on his office wall. Dick cared more about the people he employed and loved. Fishing was certainly a passion, but the people around him were far more important to him.

It was 1965 when a small company building Fiberglass Rod Blanks in Kent, Washington sparked Dick’s interest in fishing rod manufacturing. Dick invested every effort in the company spending 50 years as Owner/CEO and President of Lamiglas. Under Dick’s guidance, Lamiglas Inc. quickly became recognized as an industry leader in construction of handcrafted, premium quality, fishing rods, and instrumental in the development of graphite and other innovative advances in the industry. True to its name, Lamiglas still builds today the classic fiberglass rod designs sought by Anglers worldwide, but prospers more so with the graphite, Tri-Flex™, and “Kwik” innovations Dick Posey’s leadership brought to the market.

Dick was a hardworking man with the utmost integrity. First into the office every day – last to leave. He’ll forever be honored by the industry he loved, and forever be missed by his family, friends, co-workers and associates.

While the actions of each one of the rods we make is intentionally different, the reactions we get from anglers are always the same – “wow.” Unless you’ve had the pleasure of browsing through our catalog in the past, you probably didn’t realize the diversity of our selection. We are, as our loyalists know, a specialty rod manufacturer. Yet, as most anglers don’t know, our specialty is variety.

When you’ve been dedicated to a trade for as long as Lamiglas, over 60 years, you become masters of the craft. The process of building the perfect rod for one fishery isn’t so much about knowing “how” to build a quality rod (that’s a given,) it’s about knowing the exact characteristics that anglers require to maximize their success. Researching, testing, prototyping, and actually fishing every concept for a rod that comes through our door is one of the major attributes that separates us from the others. And over the years, there’s been no shortage of concepts.

Bass pros are in constant need of new actions to match the never-ending stream of radical trends that dominate the FLW and Bassmaster tours. The surf casting clubs and tournament directors along the east coast are always redefining rod actions based on the latest techniques. In the West, it’s the salmon and steelhead junkies and professional guides that keep us busy. All across the country and around the globe, whether it’s bass, trout, crappie, sturgeon, tuna, walleye, sharks, catfish, steelhead, dorado, blue gill, paddle fish, chinook salmon, dollys, halibut, pike, muskie, carp, bull sharks, roosters, rainbows, chum salmon, silver salmon, Atlantic salmon, stripers, kokanee, browns, pompano, jack crevalle, rock fish, fluke, grouper, or sailfish, the ideas keep coming in and the new rods keep going out.

We learned that it takes this level of commitment to survive in an industry so saturated with choices, but making the choice easiest for you is our primary goal. Whatever passion or opportunities you wish to explore, there’s always a Lamiglas rod, and in most cases several, to maximize your experience. You might not need them all today, but when that day comes, you’ll know exactly where to turn.

This kind of foresight comes with every Lamiglas rod we build. Exactly how we incorporate this element of confidence is outlined in great detail on the following pages. But it’s perhaps best explained by the tens of thousands of anglers out there who already possess it. Look for them next time you’re on the water. They’re the ones with fish in the nets and confidence written all over their faces.

Fish with confidence. It’s not just a tag line. It’s a mindset. A state of ultimate contentment achieved only when every factor within your control is controlled with absolute flawlessness. The cast. The presentation. The strike detection. The hook set. The fight. And the victory dance.

This kind of foresight comes with every Lamiglas rod we build. Exactly how we incorporate this element of confidence is outlined in great detail on the following pages. But it’s perhaps best explained by the tens of thousands of anglers out there who already possess it. Look for them next time you’re on the water. They’re the ones with fish in the nets and confidence written all over their faces.

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