2014 Blank Comparison Guide (PDF)

Spacing Guide Chart (PDF)

ISI Graphite Fly Rod Blanks

15 new designed blanks made of IM Graphite in a rich desert sand finish. Available in longer lengths including an 11′ switch rod for a 7 or 8 weight line.

XMG 50 Graphite Salmon & Steelhead

We added 2 new blanks in the XMG50 series for this year. One 9’4″ magnum taper designed for swinging spoons and drift fishing large rivers. Also a 9’10” blank designed to make the best all around float rod available.

G1000 Steelhead, Salmon & Saltwater Spinning

1 new model added for 2012: GSA 108 2H, 9′ 2 piece 15-40 test line and 1-6 oz lure weight.

Excel Bass

New 7′ fiberglass blank designed specifically for throwing smaller crankbaits.

Tri Flex Surf Series

One new 11″ surf blank rated 17-40 test line and 3-6 oz lure weight.

Excel Popping/Inshore

6 new Excel Popping/Inshore blanks bring Excel value to the Inshore Saltwater fisherman. Available in traditional moderate and fast actions. High performance graphite and deep copper finish.


Lamiglas’ Newest High Modulus, High Tensile Strength Graphite
This high modulus, high tensile strength graphite allows us to make smaller diameter blanks with faster action. XMG50 utilizes a blend of high modulus carbon fibers to create a perfectly balanced, lightweight blank that is more sensitive than anything on the market today. We use this new material in our XMG50 Fly rods and Salmon & Steelhead series. Also XMG Magnum Action Spin/Cast, Fast Action Spin & Jig and Popping rod blanks.


Remarkably Lighter and Stronger
Our broadest selection of rod blanks. They employ an all-new smaller diameter blank design with an improved resin system to produce a 15 percent lighter weight rod blanks than comparable graphites on the market. These rod blanks exhibit properties found only in second and third generation graphites. Superior performance at a great price.


Traditional, Classic-Style Action
This is our most distinguished series of rod blanks. We use first generation graphite coupled with an improved resin formula to reduce overall rod blank weight while maintaining classic moderately fast actions. This series spans a broad range of actions, line ratings and specialty models to cover most fishing applications.


E-Glass Earned Its Place In History
This material is structurally the most durable of the fiberglass family. The glass properties are expressly matched to each unique application such as cranking rod blanks for bass; mooching and downrigger rod blanks for salmon, shark, tuna, stripers and king mackerel. We use the same epoxy resins and composites material technology in these rod blanks as we do in our graphite models to offer you lighter weight and improved sensitivity over other manufacturers fiberglass rod blanks.


Exclusive Graphite / Fiberglass Construction
Features our proprietary Tri-Wall construction. Unequaled high quality E-Glass rod blanks are externally and internally reinforced with graphite through the butt and mid portion of the blank to reduce overall weight by 30-50% depending on the model. The tips are lightning fast and softer so they cast live bait as well as throw heavy iron, while the graphite reinforced portion of the rod blank gives tremendous fish fighting control and lifting power.



Fly Blanks
ISI Graphite Fly
Fiberglass Fly


Salmon and Steelead Blanks
SI Series Steelhead
 XMG 50 Graphite Salmon and Steelhead
 Certified Pro Salmon and Steelhead
G1000 Salmon, Steelhead and Saltwater Spinning
Certified Pro Fiberglass Salmon and Steelhead


Bass Blanks
Infinity Bass
 XP Bass
 Excel Bass

Freshwater Blanks
 G1000 Freshwater / Light Saltwater / Spinning

Saltwater / Surf Blanks
 Infinity Surf
 Ron Arra Surf Series
 G1000 Surf Bar
 Tri-Flex Surf Series
 Fiberglass Surf
Tri-Flex Boat & Trolling
 G1000 Live Bait
 Fiberglass Light Saltwater & Live Bait
 Black Salt Inshore
  Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore
 Excel Popping Inshore

Handles & Tubes
 Graphite Handle Tubes