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Lamiglas Production commercial featured on Angler West TV
New for 2014 Lamiglas has added 3 new models to the Certified Pro Kwik Series. The XCC 965 GH is a stout rod for fishing heavy lead or Divers in big rivers or the salt. The XCC 885 GH is the perfect wobbler rod for fall Chinook or Heavy lead and Plugs. Lamiglas Pro and angling icon, Bob Toman, designed the ultimate spinner rod in the XCC 793 GH.
Join Jason Hambly with Lamiglas Fishing Rods, Jake Reardon of Leaky Waders Fishing and Steve Lynch of Pro Cure Baits on the John Day Arm putting the Lamiglas XCC 801 GH to work on a great plug bite for Summer Steelhead.  The Kwik series bring to the table some of the finest  Salmon and Steelhead Trolling and Back Trolling Rods available.  The Lamiglas  XCC 801 GH Kwik is the number 1 Steelhead Plug Rod in the Lamiglas Line.
Jake and the Boys of Leaky Waders Fishing are near the mouth of the Columbia River getting in on some Fall Chinook and Coho action.  The Lamiglas XCC 965 GH and The XCC 1066 GH as the two bow rods are great models for this fishery they provide plenty of power for running heavy lead and Divers. They will also give you the spread while trolling to cover more water affectively.

 Wobbler fishing Fall Chinook is a very specialized fishery so why not have a very specialized rod to do it with. The new Lamiglas XCC 885 GH has the perfect characteristics for this fishery. It has a nice light tip to show you exactly what your wobbler of choice is doing.  With a ton of power for backing out 20 plus ounces on a heavy tide!!!


The new XCC 965 GH and the XCC 1066 GH are the two new models taking over many Guide Boats for the Astoria Chinook and Coho Fishery.  They have plenty of power for handling heavy Gear yet with the Glass in the blank still allow the fish to hang on to the bait until it is too late!!!





Great times to be had trolling herring .  The XCC 934 GH and XCC 1064 GH are our go to rods for Spring Chinook.    



Putting the XCC 934 GH and XCC 1064 GH through more punishment!!! 


FHC Outdoors founder Daniel Rice shares his thoughts on the Lamiglas XP Bass Rods.


Jake, Nick and Tony Amato head up to Alaska to test run the new Lamiglas SI’s and the Infinity SI Fly rods.  No better way than a crash course on 100 silvers a day.  The SI 94 MC is hard to top for casting Spinners!!!

Cody Herman with Day One Outdoors with special guest Jarod Higginbotham of Yakima Bait going over plug fishing for Steelhead