3 Spinning Champions – Lamiglas SI Series

The SI98MS is what Brandon Glass runs in his boat for the optimal steelhead bobber-dogging rod.

The Lamiglas SI Series is a steelheaders dream rod series. The Lamiglas SI series spans the range of steelhead techniques by offering 3 spinning models and 5 casting models. In this article, we will be examining the 3 spinning models and their distinct uses.

The SI’s are built out of a sensitive and strong graphite, featuring titanium guides which provide superior strength and are very light. The handles, grips and thread wraps are all tight and flush. All Lamiglas SI rods are hand-crafted in America with the finest level of care. This attention to detail results in a rod that not only looks phenomenal, but feels amazing in the hand and fishes optimally.

SI’s excel in their expert ability to present baits, due to the sensitivity and length. These are rods for the anglers who are spending long hours on the water and demand maximum performance out of their gear. Fighting a fish on these rods is a wonderful experience for their raw power and excellent bend.

steelhead lonny brooks
Lonny Brooks tails a steelhead after catching it on his SI
si lamiglas handle
The SI feels amazing in the hand.

Choose from 3 specific spinning models crafted to meet the needs of the modern-day steelheader, the finesse salmon angler or the large trout aficionado. These are:

Spinning Length Pieces Line Weight Action Power MSRP Purchase
SI 96 LS 9′ 6″ 2 6 – 8 Mod/Fast  Light $550 Buy Now
SI 98 MS 9′ 8″ 2 8 – 12 Fast  Medium $550 Buy Now
SI 106 MS 10′ 6″ 2 8 – 12 Fast  Medium $550 Buy Now


The ultimate side drifting rod. The SI96LS is a light spinning rod that offers unmatched real-time sensitivity. This rod is light as a feather and casts lighter baits and lures like a breeze. You can “feel a fish breathe” on this 9 foot 6, 6-8lb line rating rod. The SI96LS has a beautiful bend that makes fighting steelhead and larger trout a blast. Very effective as a light float rod, side-drifting rod or small spinner rod. If you are targeting larger freshwater species such as larger rainbows/cutthroat this may be the class of rod you need to bridge the gap between a trout rod and a steelhead rod. This is a light tackle rod built for precision casting and finesse tactics. You will be hard-pressed to find a better side-drifting rod as it has the perfect mod/fast action and extreme sensitivity that equals a higher percentage of hooked fish. Line rating of 6-8 drops it squarely in the medium-light range, if you hook a big fish you may have a battle on your hands! You will love the feel and fishability of the high-modulus graphite.

Unmatched light tackle rod – the SI96LS.


A powerful, fast-action steelhead rod that succeeds in many applications. The SI98MS is 9 foot 8 inches long with a line rating of 8-12. Out of all the SI spinning rods it has the fastest action and most power. The SI98MS will respond immediately upon hookset and has the power to fight a bigger fish in fast current. This type of action is ideal for bobber-dogging baits and beads. This rod will also throw a spinner well or float fish with ease. The 9’8 is a powerhouse steelhead rod that can do just about any steelhead spinning technique you throw at it.

Pro-Staffer John Klar has this to say about the SI98MS:

“The SI series is Lamiglas’ flagship rod line. I’ve fished a lot of rods in my nearly thirty year guiding career and there simply isn’t a rod in the industry like the SI. They’re just amazing fishing tools.”

“Bobberdogging is a form of side-drifting that uses a float to help present the bait in a manner that is dragging it down the river. In the right type of water it can be a lethal and virtually snag-free way of drifting your eggs. The extra length of the rod (9’8) aids in line management to the float. I’ll use this rod (SI98MS) in certain spots while salmon fishing in the fall but it really shines in the steelhead bobber-dogging arena.”

brandon glass
Brandon Glass sure enjoys fishing the SI series!


The SI106MS is the ideal steelhead float rod. The length of the rod (10’6) allows a float to be “mended” perfectly, even on longer drifts. This precise mending will allow for a natural bait presentation as the float moves down river. Natural presentation is a huge factor when float fishing jigs, beads baits etc. When that float drops underwater you can quickly reel down and set the hook. The SI106MS action will set the hook firmly in the fishes mouth and then has the backbone necessary to fight the fish.

At 10’6, this can seem like a lot of rod – but the lightness of the blank and components makes it a spinning rod that you can fish all day. The SI106MS is capable of casting lighter float setups for stealthy approach to prime water. After bobber-fishing with the SI106MS its hard to go back to anything else as it fits the bill so perfectly.

SI blanks are available with uncoated graphite grey color for maximum sensitivity and lightness, they feature a weave in the butt section for superior strength and performance.


Handles on the SI series are uniquely designed with hard foam where the hand meets the reel seat. This allows for tight grip of the rod in wet/cold situations.

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